VW Jetta Hybrid Pushed to 49.9 mpg in “Think Blue” Challenge

Sections: Fuel Economy, Powertrain

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Winners of the Think Blue World Championship

Winners of the Volkswagen Think Blue World Championship eco-driving challenge from left are Frank and Ramona Zauft, who achieved an average 49.9 mpg in a VW Jetta Hybrid and will be honored at the L.A. Auto Show toady, Wednesday, Nov. 28. (Photo courtesy Volkswagen.)

A man achieved 49.9 mpg in a Volkswagen Jetta Hybrid as part of the VW-sponsored “Think Blue World Championships” efficient driving challenge.

According to a press release from VW, Frank and Ramona Zauft achieved an average of 49.9 mpg in a 402-mile route between San Francisco and Santa Monica, CA. VW said the route contained a mixture of city streets with heavy traffic and traffic-sparse rural highways including the famous Pacific Coast Highway, thus presenting a challenge to the drivers, whose goal was to obtain the highest fuel efficiency possible.

The participants in this, billed as a “world championship” event, were winners of earlier “national championship” efficient driving events sponsored by VW. Each was given a VW Jetta Hybrid to pilot along the route.

The Zaufts were scheduled to be honored at the L.A. Auto Show today, Wednesday, Nov. 28 when VW said it would officially unveil the Jetta Hybrid.

More information about VW and its “Think Blue” efficient driving campaign can be found at

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