Letting Your MINI Play Matchmaker

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MINI Connect Us

A screenshot of MINI’s “Connect Us” app the automaker said would help drivers of its cars find a compatible co-driver…or love interest…or just play a really good April Fool’s Day joke, perhaps. Whatever. (Image courtesy MINI.)

MINI wants to take the word “connectivity” to a whole new level with its latest MINI Connected App designed to help you find “a compatible co-driver on the journey of love.”

According to the press release from MINI, the app dubbed “Connect Us” compares driving styles of different drivers in an effort to find said co-driver. From the release:

Connect Us compares how drivers like to treat their accelerator, steering wheel and brakes (as deduced by the MINI Driving Excitement Analyser) in the search for a compatible co-driver on the journey of love. Only if it detects a meeting of minds on the matter of driving fun will the app oil the wheels of romance between MINI fans.

The Driving Excitement Analyser, a function of the MINI Connected App, has been available as a free download from the Apple App Store for several weeks, the release said. The Connect Us app makes use of the Analyser in addition to gathering information from Google Local searches, your RSS feeds, foursquare ratings, and more to determine the perfect wingman or wingwoman.

A user’s selections say a lot about their personality. But it’s only when you get behind the wheel, of course, that people get to know the real you. And that’s why the Connect Us function also checks out data collected by the Driving Excitement Analyser to deliver a precise comparison of drivers’ sprinting prowess, cornering ability and braking strategy. And only then, if two MINI drivers are on the same wavelength in how they handle their car, will Connect Us invite them to meet up in person. The go-kart feeling which has sparked such affection for MINI models down the years might just act as the catalyst for romantic emotions between their owners as well.

Sounding hokey to you yet? If not, consider this: MINI said the “ahem, ‘update’ can be downloaded on one day only: 1 April 2013.”

Can you say, “April Fool’s?”

Perhaps that’s all it was, but we can’t say it’s a horrible idea. That is, if you ignore that whole “opposites attract” thing. The images from MINI look convincing enough, anyway!

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