You Can Sell Your Car Using FaceTime On Apple Devices

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You Can Sell Your Car Using FaceTime On Apple Devices

CARMEL, IN – CarBuyCo, a national car-buying company that purchases consumer vehicles through an Internet-based mobile buying service, is the first in its field to offer a fully virtual car selling experience using FaceTime. This brand-new service is available to consumers across the country looking for a fast, easy and guaranteed way to sell their used car.

FaceTime, Apple’s video chat service for iPhone 4 and 5, as well as many iPads, has been a significant leap forward in connecting friends and families around the world, and now companies like CarBuyCo are focusing its power for their customers.

“We’re constantly challenging ourselves to find new and better ways to streamline the selling process, and we know that this capability with FaceTime will continue to surprise consumers with just how simple it can be,” says CarBuyCo co-founder and Vice President Leslie Vander Baan . “We have buyers nationwide, so, wherever they are, car sellers can go to our website or call us and get an offer immediately. Just a few years ago, few people would have thought that we’d be able to use a smartphone to inspect and sell a car. It’s very exciting to see how technology has helped simplify a once complicated process.”

CarBuyCo, which purchases used vehicles direct from consumers through its website and national network of buyers, now uses FaceTime as a critical part of the process to inspect and verify information about a particular vehicle before making an offer. Here’s how it works:

1) A consumer calls or visits the CarBuyCo website, and shares details about their car.
2) A CarBuyCo buyer contacts them and makes an agreement to purchase the car.
3) The offer is finalized by inspecting the car using FaceTime—or with a quick in-person inspection from one of our buyers.
4) CarBuyCo will then electronically send the paperwork necessary to complete the sale.

“We know that the car-selling process can be frustrating, painful and time-consuming. Our goal is to eliminate the hassle and make it quick and easy for sellers,” says Vander Baan .

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