Scosche EFX- Get the Hookup!

Sections: Aftermarket, Car Audio

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Hooking up your car stereo with lamp cord and flimsy RCAs from the hardware store might work, but for a couple of extra dollars you can get more robust connectors that can take the abuse.  Especially car abuse. “We’re not satisfied with developing products that just work,” said Kas Alves, executive vice president, Scosche Industries.  “At Scosche, we enjoy taking the basics and improving them until they meet the highest standards in the industry.  Our upgraded EFX accessories offer installers the flexibility and durability they’ve come to depend on in Scosche products with added features to enhance performance capability.”  Unfortunately all to many wannabe shadetree installers get  really expensive gear and wire it up with the cheapest stuff imaginable.  Then they wonder why they have problems.  There is a better way from the Scosche lineup:


EFX Accessories

Scosche EFX has upgraded its accessory line of fuse blocks, fuse holders and distribution blocks.  The entire line includes installer-friendly features for easy installations.

Fuse Blocks and Holders:

  • 0AWG in-line block will feature an ultra-compact dual AFC mini-ANL design, while the quad fused block includes a ground plate for use as a combo power/ground block and feature 1 or 2-in and 4-out.
  • 4AWG and 8-10AWG in-line fuse blocks feature ultra-compact design with mini-ANL design.


Distribution Blocks

  • 0AWG ground block features 1-in and 4-out
  • 4AWG ground block features 1-in and 4-out
  • The EFX battery terminal features a unique charging post design and includes an insert to use as positive OR negative with dual 0-4GA and  8GA outputs.


OFC Amp Kits

The new EFX amp kits will utilize true gauge oxygen free copper power wire and feature a new patent pending ground terminal.  The new ground terminal will enable faster install, offer the shortest ground and will never come loose.  Initially, there will be three different amp kits offered.

  • 0AWG will feature an ultra-compact 0AWG dual mini-ANL design. 300A (150Ax2) mini ANL (AFC) fuses will be included.  4AWG will include a 4AWG fuse block and 100A mini-ANL (AFC fuse).
  • 8-10AWG will include an 8-10AWG fuse block and either a 60A or 30A mini-ANL fuse.

Included in all amp kits will be power/ground/remote wire and hardware. The true gauge wiring features flux tinned Oxygen Free Copper (OFC) for corrosion resistance and appearance through frosted insulation and small diameter strands (0.123mm) for high strand count & high flexibility.  The wiring included are:

  • 17ft Power (red frosted), 6ft braided nylon sleeve w/shrink, inserted & pre-terminated w/ring
  • 2ft Ground (black frosted), Pre-terminated with new self-tapping interlock terminal
  • 19ft Remote (blue frosted), extra length for amp orientation & routing

Additional hardware includes a compression grommet, amp spade terminals (except in 0GA), mounting screws & zip-ties.



EFX power and speaker wires are uniquely designed to maximize the power of amps and speakers while providing flexibility for hassle free installations.  EFX offers four levels of interconnects ranging from the Core coaxial  to its ultra-high Elite series braided multi-core.



  • Dual Opposing Ground Path Braid Geometry
  • Litz Wire Construction
  • Multi-Gauge Core
  • Rhodium Coated Contacts
  • Braided Jacket
  • Split-tip center conductor


  • Single Jacket Twisted Pair Construction
  • Multi-Gauge Core
  • OFC Conductors, Flux Tinned
  • Double Shielded
  • Metal Micro Barrels with Injection Strain Relief
  • Split-tip center conductor


  • Parallel Twisted Pair Construction
  • OFC Conductors, Flux Tinned
  • Double Injection Micro Barrels
  • Frosted Insulation
  • Split-tip center conductor


  • Parallel Coaxial Construction
  • OFC Conductors
  • Single Injection Micro Barrels
  • Frosted Insulation
  • Split-tip center conductor
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