JL Audio and MBL Audio take Manhattan

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This weekend brought me to the New York Audio Show at the New York Palace Hotel.  What does that have to do with car technology?  I’ll get to that…

The New York Audio Show is divided up into different hotel suites.  Manufacturers pick a suite, the hotel staff removes all of the furniture and beds, and they set up impromptu living and listening rooms.  A week before the show, old school car audio competitor and sound-off extraordinaire Earl Zausmer chimed in to “make sure you hear the MBL loudspeakers

To heed his advice, I found the room and noticed that there was not just a wait, but a mobscene.  Only those with tickets were allowed to enter for a demo.  Even Earl did not know what was going on when I texted him from the show.  Instead of a simple two-channel demo I was expecting, MBL, for the first time was demonstrating a full 7.1 surround sound system.  We are talking a home theater cresting the 1 Million dollar mark.  However, the high ceilings and room size of the suites at the Palace are not exactly intimate (but they aren’t stadiums either), and it can be challenge to fill the room with quality subbass for a dramatic and audiophile-pleasing demonstration.

In other words- the extraordinary system lacked bottom end.  It needed some ass like Kylie Jenner admiring her older Kardashian stepsisters.  And who do you call when you need audiophile-quality bass in an enclosed space?  Why, as any car audiophile knows, JL Audio , of course!

Anchoring the phenominal MBL system were four JL Audio Gotham powered home audio subwoofers.

Also on hand was Sony’s new 84″ XBR 4K television.

Thank you guys for an amazing demo.  Freddie Mercury and Neil Peart never sounded so good.  But with 4K and those MBL speakers, you could not only actually see thier individual chest hairs, but hear each individual one rustle against thier clothing (or lack of).  The essence is in the details and this was the most detailed music and audio demonstration I ever had.


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  • Larry Smith

    Brett, thank you so much for your coverage of this demonstration; I have to agree that this was the single best surround sound demonstration that I’ve ever witnessed, and that the 2-channel portion was itself a highlight of the entire show.

    Wireworld is very proud to have been selected as the cable provider for this system, and particularly thrilled at the fact that this show was the official launch of our latest cable line – Series 7. Over the course of the past 21 years we’ve been using scientific methodology to produce cable that sounds as close to a true bypass as possible. Getting to participate in high-profile demonstrations such as this one with MBL., JL Audio, Sony, and Stillpoints is exactly why we love these shows.