Chrysler Tools Up for New 9-Speed Transmission

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Toledo Torque Converter

A torque converter travels down the line at Chrysler’s Toledo Machining Plant, which the automaker said it is investing nearly $20 million in to prepare for coming 9-speed transmissions. (Photo courtesy Chrysler.)

Chrysler says it is pumping nearly $20 million into its Perrysburg, OH plant in preparing to build torque converters for the 9-speed automatic transmission the automaker will launch in 2014 models.

According to a press release from Chrysler, the 9-speed transmission itself will be manufactured in Chrysler’s Kokomo, IN factory and will make its debut in the 2014 Jeep Cherokee. In the release, the automaker said it will invest $19.6 million in the Perrysburg facility to “fund the installation of new equipment and tooling for additional machining and assembly capacity.

“Installation is expected to begin in the third quarter of 2014 and will be completed by the end of 2014,” the release added.

The investment comes on top of a $72 million injection of new equipment at the plant that was announced in 2011 with the goal of modernizing the plant in preparation for the coming 8- and 9-speed transmissions’ torque converters as well as a new steering column for the Dodge Dart and Jeep Cherokee.

Chrysler Group LLC Senior Vice President of Manufacturing Scott Garberding said, ”
“The new nine-speed transmission is a critical part of our strategy to meet fuel economy requirements over the next several years and Toledo Machining will play an integral role in bringing this transmission to market. Securing this additional investment is a testament to the dedication and commitment of the plant’s workforce and helps secure its future long-term.”

According to Chrysler’s release, the Perrysburg factory, which is known within Chrysler as “Toledo Machining,” makes torque convertors that are shipped to Chrysler factories in Kokomo, IN; Sterling Heights, MI; and Toluca, Mexico. It also builds steering columns for the automaker’s Warren, MI truck assembly plant as well as Chrysler Group factories in Belvedere, IL; Sterling Heights, MI; Toledo, OH; Windsor, ON; Toluca, Mexico; Saltillo, Mexico; Egypt; and Venezuela.

Chrysler Group LLC

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