Chevy Volt Owners: 92% Say “Would Buy Again”

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A Chevrolet Volt in the street

The Chevrolet Volt topped Consumer Reports’ owner survey again this year, with 92% of owners surveyed saying they would buy a Volt again. (General Motors photo courtesy

According to a Consumer Reports survey, 92% of Chevy Volt owners would buy a Volt again. How’s that for owner satisfaction?

Reuters quoted a statement from Consumer Reports Auto Editor Rik Paul, who said, “The Volt’s two-year reign at the top of our satisfaction survey points to the continuing trend of owners’ enthusiasm for cars that are fuel-efficient, especially as we see more and more hybrid and electric models hitting the market.”

The Volt rings in somewhere north of $40,000 before federal and state tax incentives are taken into account. It can drive up to 40 miles on its electric charge before the gasoline “range extender” engine kicks in to power the electric motor. This is the second year in a row the Chevy Volt, which GM refers to as an “Extended Range Electric Vehicle,” has had the highest “would buy again” rating from owners. Last year, 93% of surveyed owners said they’d buy a Volt again.

In a post at the official Chevy Volt blog, Volt Marketing Director Cristi Landy said, “The best sign of a great product is when your customers are the most satisfied in the industry. Volt owners have found the Chevrolet Volt meets all of their driving needs. Not only is it fun to drive, but provides technology where consumers need it most. On average our Volt owners visit the gas station every 900 miles.”

Wondering what was at the opposite end of the “would buy again” spectrum? The redesigned Nissan Versa sedan. Fewer than half of the owners of new Versas said they would buy  a Versa again, according to Reuters.

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  • Gerald

    I own a 2012 Volt and would buy one again, however I would make sure they didn’t try to sell us a damaged Volt with paint flaws on the bumpers again. Very poor customer relations here
    The Field Rep. has no clue about quality in the industry and seemed bitter about the Volt.
    The Volt is a game changer. Let’s hope it can stay in the game.


  • Lyndon Johnson


    That is interesting. The only person I’ve talked to in my small town who owns a Chevy Volt was very impressed when she expressed concerns to GM about the front air dam scraping as she entered her driveway and they sent a field rep and corporate service techs to our nearest Chevrolet dealer to modify the air dam so that was no longer a concern.

    Obviously, GM needs more of that kind of corporate response and less of the kind you experienced if they expect the Volt to hold onto this kind of custom satisfaction quotient.