BMW Motorrad Introduces Navigator Adventure Portable GPS

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BMW Navigator Adventure press shot

BMW’s Navigator Adventure portable GPS unit is just the thing for motorcyclists who fancy themselves the adventurous type, according to BMW Motorrad. (Photo courtesy BMW Motorrad)

So you ride motorcycles? Fancy yourself an adventurer? Then BMW Motorcycles’ Navigator Adventure is probably the GPS unit for you.

According to the official press release from BMW Motorrad, “the Navigator Adventure is a versatile GPS navigation system that can be used for a host of outdoor activities, such as cycling, hiking or sailing, as well as motorcycling.” It has pre-loaded North American roadmaps, which can be updated for free up to four times a year via Garmin’s website. It also has an available car installation kit, so you can take it in your four-wheeled vehicle of choice. Which obviously isn’t a late-model BMW, or you’d already have satnav, right?


Anyway, the Navigator Adventure features a four-inch touchscreen adjustable to either portrait or landscape orientation. It will display your current GPS coordinates (geocachers rejoice!) and provide somewhere between 16 and 22 hours of life on a set of conventional AA batteries or a rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack. It comes with a waterproof housing, BMW says.

Furthermore, the Navigator Adventure has a compass that will auto-correct for tilt, a barometric altimeter, and GPX file support– seriously, geocachers, why don’t you own one already? Quoth the release, “Important information for locating a geocache, such as position, terrain and degree of difficulty, as well as information and descriptions, can be read directly from the display. Data such as waypoints, tracks and geocaches can be logged in the calendar so that the activities can be retraced at a later point.”

Finally, the Navigator Adventure is compatible with Custom Maps, the release said, making it able to generate personalized map data based on electronic maps that can then be loaded on the navigation system. A MicroSD card slot makes it possible to load even more map data, including topographical maps used in hiking or cycling, the release said.

Of course, this product wouldn’t be getting a push from BMW Motorrad unless it could be fitted to BMW’s two-wheeled steeds. The release said the Navigator Adventure is supplied with a bracket that will allow it to be mounted to all BMW motorcycles except for the R 1200 GS, the K 1600 GT and the K 1600 GTL.

The Navigator Adventure is available from BMW Motorcycles dealerships at a cost of $799, with an optional Care Accessory Kit ringing the register at $114.95.

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