Audi Aims To Make City Driving Safer With Technology

Sections: Car Safety, Navigation, Telematics

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Herndon, VA – Does city driving stress you out? Well, automaker Audi wants to use technology to make driving in crowded urban jungles safer and less stressful.

2013 Audi A8 3.0T

Audi is researching ways to make city driving safer. 2013 Audi A8 3.0T shown here.

At the Los Angeles Auto Show, The Audi Urban Intelligent Assist (AUIA) research initiative is showcasing technologies and approaches Audi is taking to make navigating the streets of crowded cities less stressful, safer and more efficient in the future.

The exhibit is highlighting advancements in predictive technology made by AUIA, harnessing the power of “Big Data through algorithms, real time data, Human Machine Interface (HMI), advanced sensors, lidar/radar detections and other innovative approaches,” according to an Audi media release.

They intend to develop automotive technologies that reduce traffic congestion and improve driving safety. Part of the initiative is focused on giving drivers information on the driving conditions they will encounter before they hit the road and along the way.

For more information, read the full media release from Audi here.

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