JL Audio Introduces Powerful High-Output Enclosed Subwoofer System

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JL Audio's HO110-W6v3 Enclosed Subwoofer.

JL Audio’s HO110-W6v3 Enclosed Subwoofer.

MIRAMAR, FL – JL Audio‘s patented high-output enclosures are designed to deliver high-performance bass experience with a combination of superb sound quality and awesome output. The new HO110-W6v3 ported enclosure (Suggested Retail: $699.95) combines the high power handling and small enclosure requirements of the JL Audio 10W6v3 subwoofer driver, creating a very compact subwoofer system that is capable of impressive output with moderate amplification.

JL Audio’s patented, chamber-coupled port design (U.S. patent #6,65,292) wraps around the inner enclosure boundary and terminates just above the woofer, coupling the port output to the woofer’s direct output. This also provides the necessary surface area and port length to maximize the performance of the W6v3 driver. This enclosure design has been carefully engineered to the optimum ported alignment for the 10W6v3, and has been fine-tuned through extensive real-world listening.

This subwoofer system is shipped wired, loaded and ready to connect via a five-way binding post terminal. While no grille is provided, the recessed mounting baffle provides some protection for the woofer. A steel mesh woofer grille insert can be purchased separately (Model: SGR-10W6v2/v3), if additional woofer protection is desired.

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