Your Next Car’s Electrical System May be Designed Completely On The Internet

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Arcadia is a cloud-based electrical system CAD tool.

Arcadia is a cloud-based electrical system CAD tool. (PHOTO: Cadonix)

BURR RIDGE, IL – British company Cadonix has launched a ground breaking product that may change the way automotive electrical system design is performed.

The company has introduced Arcadia, the world’s first cloud-based general & automotive CAD tool, offering schematic design, animated circuit simulation & analysis, electrical networking, harness design and full design rule checking.

Using a balance of cloud back-end and HTML5 front-end the team at Cadonix have achieved what would have thought to be impossible even a year ago, fully scalable vector graphic CAD editing at an enterprise level all accessible from a compliant web browser.

Traditionally such software required a large client footprint, network based licensing servers, a large IT support presence and was file-based with long response times from the software manufacturer to upgrade features and functionality. In a single blow Cadonix have removed all the customers pain points to present a scalable, future-proof solution.

Offering an end-to-end solution from conception to fully produced harness design, cutting lists, bill of materials and design rule reporting from anywhere an engineer cares to be located, Arcadia offers a quantum leap in flexibility over the competition. For ease of distribution, licence management and minuscule footprint Arcadia is set to be a hit with IT support as well as engineers. There is even an Arcadia ‘app’ to keep those engineers and service technicians on the road happy by providing full access to their schematic and harness designs; hinting a mobile future for the platform.

When asked, a company founder, Andrew Armstrong stated that harness wiring was merely the beginning of the toolset that will be provided by Arcadia and that CAD and design management tools for all industry sectors are on their way, including aeronautical, rail and military wiring solutions.

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