Honeywell Turbocharges The New Honda Amaze In India

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Honeywell turbochargers are used in the 1.5L i-DTEC diesel engine powering Honda Amaze

Honeywell turbochargers are used in the 1.5L i-DTEC diesel engine powering Honda Amaze (PHOTO: Honda)

NEW DELHI – Honeywell Turbo Technologies has designed and built the turbocharger for the Honda Amaze, the most fuel-efficient car in India at 25.8 km per litre.

The wastegate-type turbocharger supplied by Honeywell is used in the 1.5L i-DTEC diesel engine powering the highly anticipated Honda Amaze, Honda’s first compact sedan in India and the first with a diesel engine.

“Honeywell is proud to be the turbocharger technology partner and supplier for the Honda Amaze. The base technology of this turbo is completely developed out of India, as we are committed to using our global leadership position to develop turbos specifically for the Indian market,” said David Paja , vice president and general manager, China and India, for Honeywell Transportation Systems. “Our innovative technologies help our customers deliver best-in-class products like the Honda Amaze, offering fuel economy and reduced emissions without sacrificing performance.”

A turbocharger uses exhaust gas otherwise wasted out the tailpipe to drive a turbine which in turn operates a compressor feeding increased volumes of fresh air into the engine. This improves the engine combustion process reducing emissions and improving fuel economy while delivering the torque and horsepower customers are looking for in a vehicle.

Turbocharging continues to grow in India given the need for an integrated technology approach for controlling vehicle emissions, in conjunction with more environmentally-friendly technologies aimed at evolving fuel quality standards.

“Turbochargers offer a combination of fuel-savings and performance at an affordable price compared to other technologies, making them an attractive option for all vehicle types from subcompact cars, full-size luxury sedans to pick-up trucks and everything in between,” added Nitin Kulkarni , vice president, Customer Management, Honeywell Turbo Technologies.

Honeywell currently supplies its turbochargers to many local and global OEMs present in India. Its India plant also serves as an export hub for customers spread throughout the globe. Honeywell turbos help global engine platforms achieve EU4, EU5 and EU6 emission standards.

Milind Godbole , managing director for Honeywell Turbo Technologies India, said, “We established our manufacturing facility in Pune in 2005, and have expanded operations to include product development and testing activities for both global and local automotive applications at its technology center in Bangalore. Today, India also serves as Honeywell’s global platform development center for small- and medium-sized turbocharger applications, a rapidly growing part of the Indian automotive industry.”

SOURCE: Honeywell Turbo Technologies

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