Car Connection- The Future of Insurance?

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The hot topic in the car insurance world is UBI, or usage based insurance.  Instead of paying insurance for a time period, you would be charged for miles driven.  So your car insurance would look less like a six-month premium and more like your utility bill that fluctuates.  However, the insurance companies want to grade the quality of those miles driven.  Drive like a maniac and be penalized.  Drive like there is a roofing nail protruding from the accelrator and brake pedals and get rewarded.

Audiovox has come out with Car Connection- a device that plugs into the OBDII port.  Right now, the unit is useful for geofencing (keeping an eye on your teen driver and vehicle tracking) and vehicle diagnostic reports.  But insurance companies do not want to be in the hardware business.  Look for some strategic alliances between insurance companies and companies like Audiovox who provide the Car Connection.  Get in on grading your driving score now with Car Connection to see if UBI is right for you before you commit to the program.

All About Car Connect

What Makes Car Connection Possible …?

A smart two-way communication interface is created when you plug Car Connection into your vehicle’s OBDII port, which is located under the dash of all vehicles that were produced after 1996. Once you’ve plugged in Car Connection, and registered your vehicle online, it begins sharing vital information with you that immediately improves your safety and security and that of your loved ones each day

  • You can ask for reports that score driver habits for aid in safety
         coaching, and conserving fuel.
  • Track vehicle location on your laptop or tablet.
  • Help authorities locate your car if it is stolen.
  • Have instant alerts sent to your smart phone when drivers exceed Safety Zone
         (geo-fence) boundaries that you pre-set.
  • You can even request diagnostic reports on vehicle health and preventative
         maintenance for tires, brakes, shocks and more


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