Is Your Car Your Workplace?

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At work in the back seat of a Bentley

Do you treat your car as a mobile office? (Bentley Motors photo courtesy National Public Radio.)

Is your car your workplace? NPR’s All Tech Considered thinks our vehicles are increasingly becoming our offices-on-wheels.

In a story by Nina Gregory that aired December 2, trucks were a focus of in-vehicle connectivity. Ford Motor Company Truck Communications Manager Mike Levine said, “Actually, our F-series owners have some of the highest penetration rates of all of our vehicles of smartphone usage because they’re actually running businesses from their trucks.”

While you might not typically think of your plumber or electrician as being on the cutting edge of technology, it’s certainly true that smartphones and other mobile devices have the potential to help them run their businesses more productively.

This piece has got us thinking: Is your car or truck doing double-duty as your office? How do you use connectivity features in your car to get stuff done on the go? Maybe it’s as simple as your use of Bluetooth to talk on your cell phone hands-free while driving to a meeting in another town, or perhaps it’s as complex as using your Ram pickup as a wifi hotspot.

So if you’re the type who works behind the wheel, sound off in the comments and let us know how you do it.

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  • Charlie Tanner-Mot

    Have you noticed that for some cops, private investigators and spies, their vehicle is there workplace? Haha! I know what I’m saying is a bit movie-like, but this really does happen!