Rockford Fosgate First ‘Klippel Verified’ Aftermarket Car Audio Manufacturer

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Rockford-powered aftermarket audio systems are typically loud.  Nothing wrong with that.  But how come the amplifiers have less wattage ratings compared with stuff at the flea market? 

You ever see THX-certified outside of your movie theater or inside of your Lincoln?  The certification came from Tomlinson Holman as a way to set standards for how he wanted he sound to be reproduced.  In Germany, one respected compliance body is known as Klippel.  High-end test equipment paves the way for high-end aftermarket sound.  After all, Rockford has always been known for conservatively rating the output of their car audio amplifiers.  What else would you expect with product lines such as ‘Power’ and ‘Punch.’  Along with CEA2006, you can be assured you are getting the watts you pay for.  And then some…

And digging that unclipped sine wave logo! 

TEMPE, Ariz. – Dec. 3, 2012 Rockford Fosgate, the industry leader in high-performance car audio systems, is proud to announce its compliance with Germany-based Klippel GmbH. Rockford Fosgate, an early adopter of Klippel products, is the first “Klippel verified” manufacturer under the new certification standard.


“Inconsistent test equipment and procedures do not provide a standardized means for advanced product development,” explained Jake Braaten, Rockford’s director of product development. “Rockford Fosgate stands behind its products’ performance. By utilizing Klippel equipment, we insure that we meet or exceed our claims and customer expectations.”


Klippel testing, validation, and certification offers a number of benefits for the manufacturer, industry, and, ultimately, the customer. During development, Klippel analyzers can uniquely and dynamically measure the behavior of transducers in the large signal domain in order to determine its performance and reliability.
It has the ability to capture voltage, current, power, and voice coil temperature on multiple channels over time with any stimulus. In production, SPL, T/S parameters, coil position, and suspension non-linearity can now all be verified on every unit and batch manufactured. The result is a product manufactured to Rockford’s precise specifications that typically exceeds industry standards.


Klippel GmbH is an innovative German company founded by Prof. Wolfgang Klippel in 1997 to produce novel control and measurement systems for loudspeakers. Current developments are based on the results of loudspeaker research performed over nearly 20 years and published in numerous scientific papers and patents. Wolfgang Klippel contributed to the development of large-signal models for loudspeakers which are the basis for digital compensation of the nonlinear distortion. His pioneering work was recognized by awards of the Audio Engineering Society.


“Klippel equipment has set the new standard for characterizing non-linear behavior, and is the best tool for revealing root cause of performance and reliability issues in transducers,” added Drew Kallen, Rockford’s director of loudspeaker engineering. “Being Klippel verified simply means that Rockford Fosgate has taken all the necessary steps to design, develop, and test our products, thus providing customers with the highest quality experience available.”


Added Wolfgang Klippel, managing director of Klippel GmbH, “For almost a decade, Rockford has integrated Klippel into their development and manufacturing of loudspeakers. We are pleased that they are the first company to have completed all the necessary steps to becoming a Klippel certified manufacturer.”

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