The Era of Azera: Hyundai Azera’s Connected Services Are a Safety Net

Sections: Car Safety, Infotainment, Telematics

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2013 Hyundai Azera Photo Shoot 021

(Lyndon Johnson photo)

Our 2013 Hyundai Azera test car was attractive inside and out and offered performance, if not quite refinement, worthy of cars from the likes of Lexus costing much more. It also featured Hyundai Assurance goodies that we’re thankful we didn’t have to use.

Every Azera comes standard with Assurance Connected Care, which will automatically let the driver know when the car needs service and can help set up a service appointment at a nearby Hyundai dealership. It can also call for emergency first responders automatically when you’re in trouble, informing the responders of your exact location. Thankfully, we never had to make use of either feature, though we did see a notice on the central display informing us that a service would be required soon. It was nice knowing should we be in a rough crash that knocked us out cold, the car would still dial for help and emergency personnel would still be able to find us, however.

In addition to calling for help in the event of a crash, Assurance Connected Care has the following features:

— SOS Emergency Assistance
— Enhanced Roadside Assistance
— Monthly Vehicle Health Report
— Maintenance Alert
— Automated Diagnostic Trouble Code Notification
— Service Link
— Recall Advisor

The above services are free for the first three years of the vehicle’s life and can be transferred to subsequent owners, according to Hyundai.

Our Azera also came with bluelink (proper noun decapitalization is all the rage nowadays), which allows you to access many of the car’s telematics features via smartphone or web portal. We didn’t get to try it, mostly because my phone ain’t too smart. But where Bluetooth (capitalized B, you’ll notice) is concerned, the Azera paired easily with my LG dumb phone, and talking on the phone via the speaker and microphone setup in the car’s cabin was easy so long as I didn’t have the massive sunroof open.

Disclosure: Hyundai provided the vehicle, insurance, and a tank of gas.

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