Mazda to Launch New Vehicle Through…Xbox?

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2015 Mazda3 Leaked Photo

Sources are saying this car, believed to be the 2015 Mazda3, will likely be the one debuted in an Xbox reveal event hosted by the automaker. (Photo courtesy

Mazda says it will debut a new model on Xbox via a live streaming reveal. Yes, you read that correctly.

Car reveals are usually a big production reserved for the top-tier auto shows, but in this case, Mazda said it will team with Xbox to stream the debut worldwide on Xbox gaming systems. The official press release from Mazda said the reveal will take place Wednesday, June 26 at 9 p.m. Eastern Time  in America– the “culmination” of a rolling reveal across five zones that will start in Melbourne, Australia and work its way westward as the day wears on, finally ending with the U.S. reveal in New York, NY.

As for what vehicle Mazda plans to reveal? We haven’t the foggiest idea. The release was tight-lipped, and Mazda’s PR site hasn’t given any indication of what new model might be coming at us.

Though I was hoping the model would be a refreshed Mazda2– because who doesn’t like cheap-and-cheerful, fun-to-drive tiny hatchbacks?– some sources are saying it will, in fact, be a newly redesigned version of the Mazda3 making its debut in the Xbox event. Which is still cool, don’t get me wrong. Fingers crossed for a new 2 soon, though.

Mazda said it started rolling out a series of what it called “activations” on Tuesday, June 18 to build awareness for the event, which will feature not only the reveal of the new model, but also what the release described as an “intimiate” concert with Canadian indie-rockers Metric. A special landing page on will include details about the event, a countdown clock, and will host a sweepstakes where one lucky entrant will win $2,500 to spend toward creating a “dream trip to a music event of their choice,” the release said.

Those who participate in the Xbox broadcast will reportedly receive a branded #GameChanger t-shirt for their Xbox Live avatar. #GameChanger is the hashtag Mazda is using to promote the event through social media outlets, of course.

Mazda Vice President of Marketing Russell Wager said, “It’s a digitally connected world, so what better way to reach our customers than through a connected platform like Xbox? We were looking for a way to launch a global product and tie together our five separate reveals.  Xbox not only gave us the platform, but allowed us to leverage our digital assets to drive a global audience to view the event.”

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