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In the world of radar detectors, you could just go with one that has a sproingy cord that plugs into the cigarette lighter and a couple of suction cups for the front windshield.  But if you have a special ride, that is not the way to fly.  You, my friend, need a custom-installed radar detector from an MECP-certified installation technician.  The price increases accordingly.  Approximately $2Gs with all of the bells and whistles incorporated.  However, the stealthy installation will go undetected, even in places where the use of one is illegal (not that we are condoning illegal behavior or speeding to begin with).  The display LEDs get mounted creatively into your instrument cluster.

The best feature- the ability the quell the detector from chirping when it senses the automatic doors at Target.  A top of the line K40 might not be for your 10 year old Civic.  But your Bentley Mulsanne will thank you.


K40 Electronics is now offering the second generation of its RL Series radar detectors. Enhancements to the new RL360i and RL200i models have been carefully designed and engineered to make them the easiest and most effective radar detectors available.

K40 RL Radar DetectorThe most apparent enhancement can be seen — and felt — with the new, ergonomically-designed wireless remote control.  Providing users with even easier access to the RL’s most popular features, the new remote can still be hidden away on a visor or in a glove compartment when not in use.

Another change, LED’s on both models are now dimmable; the user can access five customizable brightness settings directly from the new remote control.  The “Mark to Mute” feature has been improved to allow a user to now mute any band or laser alert in a specific location. This is particularly handy to mute the unit when a security system or automatic door is detected.

Additional enhancements include improvements to the “Mark to Alert” feature, increased volume output, plus easier access to Quiet Ride and the general menu of features.

K40“Our customers were already big fans of the features and functions of the first generation of our RL models,” said K40 Electronics’ President, Peggy Finley.  “We’re excited that the enhancements with our second generation will ensure K40 keeps offering the most cutting edge product line in the industry.”

Like all K40 products, the new RL360i and RL200i units are sold and installed exclusively through a network of elite K40-certified dealers listed on K40’s website:

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