Audi Working on Near-300 MPG Car

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The Audi A1 may be the basis for a near-300 MPG car

Could this car, the Audi A1, be the basis for a 300 MPG car? Perhaps. (Photo courtesy Audi Media Services.)

“A 300 MPG car is the stuff of fantasy,” you say.

“We’re working on a 300 MPG car,” says Audi.

According to an Audi press release, the company is developing a 1.0-liter engine to power a car weighing just 837 lbs. Related to a similar 1.0-liter car floated out on the auto show circuit by parent company Volkswagen a couple of years ago, the Audi model would rely on gasoline, not diesel as the VW did, to run its engine. Speculation is it will be electrified in some way, as well. It would feature steel framing and carbon fiber components instead of extensive use of aluminum.

Audi reportedly says the car would be full-featured and would seat four people in the comfort of climate control. In other words, sacrifices to creature comforts would be minimal to nonexistent. The car will reportedly be based on the A1 model currently sold in Europe.

We’ll certainly be keeping an eye out for future developments on this matter.

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