Boss Audio Now Shipping EQ600 Trunk Mount Equalizer

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Oxnard, CA – Boss Audio Systems is now shipping the EQ600, a trunk-mounted six-channel pre-amp equalizer. The EQ600 ($269.00 msrp.) integrates with amplifiers and speakers in a multi-amplifier system for maximum sound tweaking ability. It offers flexibility to configure any possible multi-amplifier car audio system.

Boss Audio Systems EQ600 Equalizer

Boss Audio Systems is now shipping the EQ600 trunk-mount six-channel pre-amp equalizer.

Since car interiors vary widely in size and acoustic make-up, the EQ600 provides maximum equalization control for each area of the audio spectrum. One-third octave bass equalization combined with one-half and full octave high frequency equalization offers an ideal level control.

It also offers a high-quality line driver that takes the low output voltage of a source unit and increases it up to 18dB (13 volts peak), allowing for the highest signal-to-noise ratio. No clipping, hiss, clicks, or pops for optimal sound quality.

The unit has a high-impedance speaker-level input that can interface with most head units allowing the addition of amplifiers and speakers to your audio system.

More Features
Inputs: The EQ600 has two types of inputs, Pre-Amp and Speaker Level. These inputs should get their signals from the main head unit and should attach to either RCA jacks or speaker leads from your source unit. If your source unit has a front, rear and subwoofer pre-amp output, connect them to identical inputs on your EQ600. If the source unit only has front and rear inputs, don’t worry about losing your bass equalization, because this EQ automatically routes your subwoofer equalization controls to the rear channels.

Input Gain Controls: Allows for increase or decrease in the signal level from your source unit to the EQ600. Most aftermarket source units will require an increase. Most OEM radios installed by the automobile manufacturer will probably require a decrease to the signal level.

Equalization Controls: Controls the audio spectrum and can be adjusted by the audio output to suit your personal taste.

Output Level Controls: Although the EQ600 has the ability to increase signal voltage to 13 volts peak, amplifiers may not necessarily accept that much signal. These controls allow you to regulate the proper amount of pre-amp signal from the EQ600 to the amplifiers.

Output Voltage Indicators: LED’s indicate the level of signal voltage.

Outputs: RCA connectors should be connected to the next component after the EQ600, such as a crossover or amplifier. Do not connect any speakers directly to your EQ600 or to any home appliances.

Source: Boss Audio Press Release


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