Escort Live Ticket Protection Network Announces Android Update

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Escort Live SmartCord

ESCORT Live delivers revolutionary radar and laser ticket protection by using real-time, cloud-based threat and information sharing among countless drivers using the app on their smartphone (iPhone and Android).

West Chester, OH – Radar detector maker Escort has announced the version 2.0.4 Android update for its Escort Live real-time ticket protection network smartphone app. The update improves app performance on Android devices. The company also offers an app for iPhones.

Escort Live uses Bluetooth technology embedded in SmartCord Live cords and the smartphone app. When alerts are detected, they are transmitted to the Escort Live “cloud” and then broadcast across the network, notifying drivers of potential ticket threats.

Networked drivers are continually safeguarded against radar and laser real-time ticket threats even before they are in range of all speed enforcement guns used in North America today including laser, Ka, K and X band monitoring devices.

In addition to network alerts, the app technology provides drivers access to Escort’s database of red light and speed-ticketing camera locations and speed traps as well as GPS features including posted speed limit information, over-speed limit alerts and live traffic for route optimization.

For more information on Escort Live, be sure to read the full press release here.

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