Press Release Of The Day: Massive Audio Top Secret Classified Demo Project

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I get a LOT of press releases in my inbox everyday. Just deciding which ones to use here at In-Car TechTell is a job in itself. Then comes the job of editing out a good bit of self-promoting marketing drivel. The “leader in waterproof amplifiers” and “world’s first manufacturer of smartphone subwoofers” hype lines get cut out.

But today, Massive Audio sent me a release that made me chuckle so I have decided to post it verbatim here. Enjoy. – TAM

COMMERCE, CA – Massive Audio Operations / International Sales Manager Jeremy Larsson is teaming up with Mobile Electronics National “Seven” time winner of “Top Installer of the Year” Mr. Bill Wyko, owner of Audio 2000 located in Tucson AZ.

It is reported that they are creating the most unique sound demonstration unit ever conceived in the Milky Way Galaxy. This creation inspired by the inhabitants of “Skaro” will be sure to turn heads and ears at CES 2014.

Bill Wyko, the mad scientist and commander of Audio 2000, Planet Earth says “This is definitely one of the most exciting builds I have ever done in my 30 years of custom designs. It’s like creating a whole new life form. I expect this build to be truly superior to all others and just hope I do not get exterminated in the process.”

Due to the NSA’s (National Sound Association) inability to keep Massive Audio memos classified, the details can not yet fully be released. Massive Audio hopes that if needed “The Doctor” will be on call if any problems arise. “This is tricky technology” says Jeremy Larsson. “WHO knows what will happen on the floor of CES next year.” “When in doubt; just aim for the eye stalk.”

NEWS FLASH: The NSA has just leaked that Kinetik Audio is also on board. The Kinetik team will be supplying the power behind this creation ensuring even longer lasting chaos.

Stay tuned to as January 7th gets closer. You have been warned; you will obey.

SOURCE: Massive Audio

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