Sharing is Caring? Or not when it comes to chargers at dealers…

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BMW i3One dilemma of the new world of high-tech electric vehicles is the use of charging stations at car dealerships.  In the video below, BMW states it will let anyone fill up on their Teutonic-sponsored utility juice.  The reason being if people are topping off their Volt, they might take a look at a new i3.  Chevrolet will allow the same.  A poll at my Nissan dealership notes that use of the plug is deemed Nissan only.

Other questions arise though- will all manufacturers stick with SAE J1772 or go to some proprietary plug design?  No one thought Apple was going to put a multitude of inexpensive connector makers out of business when the switched to their new Lightning plug.

One thing is for sure.  The last place I would personally want to be topping off my Lithium Ion is a car dealership.  Unless I was on Lithium myself.  Getting barked at by the service manager to move my car.  Getting hounded by the salespeople to buy.  Or just not enjoying stale coffee.  I gotta go with Lyndon’s Redbox idea.

Hat tip to Driving the Nation to watch the interview and even Mayor Bloomberg’s take:

BMW’s President and CEO, Ludwig Willisch, talked to Lou Ann Hammond, CEO,, about the BMW i3.

How are the BMW car dealers receiving this new electric lifestyle, the BMWi series?

Where is the BMW i3 made?

Will BMW dealers have charging units at their dealerships? Will any electric vehicle be able to charge there or just BMWs?

Mayor Bloomberg had an announcement at the BMWi event. What did Willisch think?

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