Pentastars Now Account for All New Chrysler Group V6 Engines

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Pentastar Engine Press Photo

The Pentastar family of engines now accounts for all new Chrysler Group V6 engines, according to the automaker. (Photo courtesy Chrysler)

Chrysler says its Pentastar line of direct-injected V6 engines now accounts for all V6 engines currently sold by Chrysler brands.

According to the press release from Chrysler Group, the Thursday, Aug. 29 unveil of a 3.0-liter Pentastar engine at the Chengdu Motor Show in Chengdu, China, where it will be a country-exclusive engine for the Jeep Wrangler and Jeep Grand Cherokee, marks the seventh V6 engine to be based on the Pentastar architecture.

Engine, Powertrain and Electrified Propulsion Systems Engineering Vice President and Head Bob Lee said, “The Pentastar program is a milestone in Chrysler Group’s ongoing journey. It not only is proof positive of our technical proficiency, it is tangible evidence of our deep-rooted commitment to excellence in powertrain development.”

“As the old adage goes, there has never been a great car that did not have a great engine,” Lee added. “Pentastar engines enhance every vehicle in which they are offered.”

In all, Pentastar V6 engines power 16 vehicles in 11 segments, the release said. Despite this breadth, the release explained how the Pentastar engine family was designed to minimize tweaks needed to make it work in a wide variety of different vehicles:

The Pentastar architecture distinguishes itself with flexibility that can best be described as “plug-and-play.” With little or no modification, the 3.6-liter version accommodates longitudinal and transverse orientations; front-wheel-, rear-wheel-, all-wheel- and four-wheel-drive systems; and 6-speed manual and 6-, 8- and 9-speed automatic transmissions.

It has just two intake manifolds – one for the Ram 1500 and Jeep Wrangler and another for all the rest.
The payoff is in simplification, from assembly line to service bay.

We are currently getting our first taste of the Pentastar engine family, as we’re in the middle of testing a 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee that features the 3.6-liter version. My immediate impression has been overwhelmingly positive. Watch this space for our Jeep Grand Cherokee review later.

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