SAE/IEEE to Adress Cybersecurity

Sections: Car Safety, Car Security

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We let you know about cyberhacking electric vehicles and charging stations.  Now the SAE and IEEE have teamed up to create a one-day workshop for those in the auto industry to delve into some of the issues.  It is in Montreal September 26 and we hope to get the scoop on what is discussed.  One thing that is of particular interest to us is the discussion of hacking into CAN bus networks and how to prevent it.  We know that CAN network counterparts have been used in the aviation field for many years without being vulnerable.  We hope engineers from Airbus and Boeing will be willing to share their discoveries so our cars can be a safer place…

New CyberSecurity Event Announced!

As consumer demand for connected devices increases, traditional transportation manufacturers will by default become manufacturers of connected devices.  Because these devices will become subject to the same cyber threats with which IT industry have long been accustomed to, transportation sector companies will need to design systems, processes, and policies from the beginning with a security concept in mind.
SAE International and IEEE have collaborated on creating a CyberSecurity for the Transportation Industry Symposium, which will primarily focus on the critical issues in securing current and future networked vehicles, manned and unmanned, moving on land and in the air. Experts from the aerospace, automotive, commercial vehicle and rail industries will address the standards and best practices, cutting-edge technologies and research for developing comprehensive solutions to this issue. Regulatory agencies will discuss recent relevant developments in cybersecurity policies, directives, regulations, guidelines, and memorandums for transportation.
The goal of this one day forum is to address:

  • What are cybersecurity implications for my product or services?
  • What cyber risks are real and what are fictitious?
  • Are there common cybersecurity issues between my industry and other areas of transportation?
  • What are the best strategies of collaboration to meet the growing concerns of consumers?

For more information or to register for this event, visit today!

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