Balls that Clank- The Adam Tang Joyride

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One could say that one con of owning a GoPro video camera is that it emboldens the user to a brazen state to ratchet up the risky behavior.  And Canadian Adam Tang learned that today.  Although I can’t condone his behavior, I have to give him credit for having the stones to circumnavigate Manhattan in 24 minutes in his 2006 BMW Z4.  It always makes it more interesting when you see a story like this happen on your home turf.  In normal rush hour this drive should take a couple of hours.  Which gives me hope that my 2001 M Roadster, which should have a slight edge in power, might be able to do it a little quicker.  Of course, we would really like to hand it over to our tame racing driver to see what he could do.  With the roads closed at 3:00 AM for safety’s sake.


NEW YORK (WABC) — A driver with a real lead foot and both a nickname and video to back it up is under arrest and facing charges Friday.

A woman who lives with the 30-year-old driver busted by cops ran out of the couple’s apartment building with a towel over her head.

She dodged Eyewitness News’ camera and the other media, not wanting to talk.

“I’ll comment later,” said Adam Tang, the renegade driver.

30-year-old Adam Tang smirked at reporters as he left a police precinct, not talking about his record-breaking drive around the island of Manhattan.

According to a criminal complaint Tang told investigators, “I was out for drive and I wanted to see how quickly I could drive around Manhattan.  I took the entire ride of 26 miles in 24 minutes.  I was exceeding the speed limit, although I did not hit 100 miles per hour.  I did go through one red light, although it was not at an intersection.  It was only at a pedestrian cross walk.”

Investigators say Tang posted a video of his late night cruise on YouTube under the user name AfroDuck.

Tang mounted a camera on his dashboard and recorded the entire journey in his 2006 BMW Z4 convertible, which can go from 0 to 60 in five seconds.

This is the route Tang took.

He started on 116th Street and the FDR drive and headed south,  looping along Lower Manhattan, shooting up the West Side Highway, and ultimately making it back to his original destination.

Investigators say they used data from license plate readers along Tang’s route to help catch him.

“This was excellent work on the part of our collision investigation squad, on the part of our highway division, who were able to look at the film and look at other evidence,” Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said.

Tang is facing a slew of charges from reckless endangerment to speeding.

He did not enter a plea in court Friday.

The judge set bail was set at $10,000 bond.

The District Attorney’s office says Tang has pulled stunts like this before, saying he went 4,000 miles once in 38 hours, averaging 100 mph.



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