Jaguar C-X17 Revealed. The Crossover Concept Looks Awesome. Meridian Sound System sounds even better!

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Jaguar teased us that there would be a modular aluminum vehicle revealed at the Frankfurt auto show.  But then they tricked us and revealed the vehicle today before the show.  The Jaguar  C-X17 crossover does indeed Evoque a certain image to us from corporate cousin Range Rover.   But the architecture is distinctly different.Jaguar C-X17 interior

What we do know is our friends at Meridian have installed the most badass automotive sound system in the C-X17 that the company has performed to date.  Below are the technical specifics and information from Meridian.  We are very excited to hear it in real life- hopefully the C-X17 will be at a stateside auto show.

Meridian presents the future of 3D in-car surround sound in the Jaguar C-X17  Britain’s ultra-premium audio experts, Meridian, have redefined the future of in-car audio with its 3D in-car surround system built in the Jaguar C-X17. Meridian has developed and designed their innovative car audio system in close conjunction with Jaguar’s C-X17’s interior to provide a unique harmonic space.

The 28 loudspeaker system presents innovative loudspeaker locations within the vehicle cabin such as the integration of loudspeakers into the A & B pillars to deliver a better and more authentic sound by raising the sonic image at a human height making the experience more believable. The Meridian’s subwoofer “force cancelling” technology has been gem-set within the rear centre tunnel to provide a more consistent and accurate low frequency reproduction for all passengers; ultimately the raised loudspeakers have been located in the top of the head restraints to deliver the correct perception of image height enabling each passenger to enjoy a personal and even more authentic musical experience.

“The all-new sonic architecture allows Meridian’s DSP technology to further exploit its full capabilities of delivering authentic, evocative and believable sound for everyone. A jewel of sound specifically created for the Jaguar C-X17.”

Graham Landick, Meridian Automotive Programme Manager.

The all-new architectural speaker location is based on Meridian’s integral sound/design principles of un-compromised performance delivered through refined authentic and consistent sound. It marries performance and design to create an unrivalled sound quality experience.

“The Meridian audio system for the C-X17 is an audio statement. Inspired by the design and performance of Meridian home systems and technologies, this system represents the future of in-car 3D surround.”

Bob Stuart, Meridian Co-founder and Chief Technical Officer.

Mr Stuart also said: “It is very satisfying to see two great British brands blend together their design languages and technologies to produce something unique.”

Meridian continues to work with Jaguar and Land Rover to tailor and refine their technological innovations for the automotive environment. As a result of their passion to deliver pure and captivating sound, the unique 3D in-car surround sound system for the Jaguar C-X17 has set new standards in the automotive environment for a fully immersive in-car audio experience.

Key Points

  • Meridian all-new sonic architecture, incorporating Meridian home sound/design principle of un-compromised performance, to deliver a more authentic and consistent surround sound for every passenger.
  • Loudspeakers integrated in the A&B pillars to raise the sound image at human hear.
  • 4 Height speakers positioned in the head restrains to deliver the full dimensions of the music.
  • Meridian Trifield 3D technology delivers authentic, personal and consistent 3D surround sound to everyone in the cabin.
  • Meridian “back to back” subwoofer technology included in the centre console of the rear passenger seats to provide more balanced and authentic low frequencies.
  • 28 loudspeakers placed strategically around the cabin.
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