Nissan Joins in on the Smart Watch Fray With It’s Nismo Brand

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Nissan unveiled its new smart watch at the Frankfurt Auto Show.

Nissan unveiled its new smart watch at the Frankfurt Auto Show. (PRNewsFoto/Germain Nissan)

COLUMBUS, OH – Tech companies are constantly trying to find the next big thing and over the past week it seems that this is the Smart Watch.

Nissan recently revealed they will be the first automaker to build their own smart watch with the intention of having drivers keep tabs on their cars and perform other functions. The auto-maker announced this at the Frankfurt Auto Show in Germany and unveiled the concept.

Smart Watches are looking to become the next craze of technology and most will pack functions that anyone can use with a tablet or smartphone, but this time around your wrist.

Nissan drivers who have the new watch will be able to monitor their fuel consumption, speed and heart rate. The Nismo vehicles are performance based and the clientele that drive them want to get the most out of their cars, this watch will allow them to do that.

Nissan will benefit from the watch by reminding customers to service their vehicles and offer advertising on them. This new technology can offer big things to the auto industry and Nissan is the first on board.

SOURCE: Germain Nissan

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