Chrysler Minivans First in Segment to Offer Blu-Ray, DVD Combo Players

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The Blu-Ray/DVD player system on-board a 2013 Chrysler Town & Country S

Chrysler says this twin-screen entertainment system is the first combination Blu-Ray and DVD unit of its kind in the minivan segment and offers four times better screen resolution than previous Chrysler minivan entertainment systems. It is available in 2013 Dodge Grand Caravan and Chrysler Town and Country models. (Photo courtesy Chrysler.)

Chrysler says its minivans are the first in the segment to offer combination Blu-Ray and DVD players for passenger entertainment.

Blu-Ray has quickly caught on as the high-definition viewing medium of choice in the home theater market. Go to your local electronics store, and they’ve probably got five Blu-Ray players in-stock– some with wifi and other smart networking features– for every DVD player on the shelves.

The system features two 9-inch screens– one each in the second and third rows. The screens reportedly feature four times better resolution than previous screens offered in the Dodge Grand Caravan and Chrysler Town and Country. The Blu-Ray player itself can play DVDs as well, so no worries if all your kids’ Disney movies are on DVD. And the system comes with two wireless headsets and a wireless remote so the kiddies’ entertainment doesn’t disturb you while you’re driving.

The system is available on Grand Caravan Crew and R/T trims as an option. At the Chrysler end of the showroom, the system is optional on the Town and Country Touring-L trim, but comes standard on all Town and Country S and Limited trims. If you take a lot of road trips with young passengers on-board, you may find the system’s $500 option price tag to be well worth it.

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  • Peter Wallace

    I have a 2013 town country it only has one monitor and would like to add a second also how can i hook a antenna to the system to get regular local channels. Please advised.

    • Lyndon Johnson

      Having no access to a Town and Country at this time, I can’t make a recommendation to you other than this: Pay a visit to your nearest trusted car electronics retailer and see what they can do. They may have aftermarket headrests for the T&C that have monitors built into them, or some other solution to get you two monitors. They’ll also be able to advise you on installing a TV antenna that will look good and be able to plug into your system.

      If your chosen car electronics retailer can’t tell you how to get a TV antenna installed and working with your system, then you might want to check with an RV parts retailer like Camping World, who likely have plenty of parts on-hand and experience in what works with different in-vehicle TV systems. At the very least, they should have a good selection of antennas that would mount well on your van. Look for a design that you can either lower when not in use or, if you plan on using it while you’re in-motion, something with an aerodynamic shape.

      Hope that helps.