Threat Detected: We Get a Whistler CR90 Laser Radar Detector to Test

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2013 Whistler CR90 Laser Radar Detector Photo Shoot 011

(Lyndon Johnson photo)

Our Brett Solomon sent me a Whistler CR90 Laser Radar Detector to test with a warning scrawled on the USPS bag it shipped in: “DO NOT SPEED TO TEST!” Umm…okay.

Whistler had sent the detector to Brett a few weeks ago asking us to put it to the test, but Brett being a man who wears several more hats than yours truly, he sent it to me. So I sat it on the desk in my office, and life happened. By that I mean, it sat there for several weeks while I stayed too busy at my day job to dedicate the time to even opening it and installing it in my test vehicle for the week.

Not the case this week. I decided if I never forced myself to make time, I’d never get that box opened. And as soon as I thought that, my new iMac at work decided it needed to do a pretty lengthy software update. Window of opportunity seized, I nabbed these unboxing photos.

The box says the Whistler CR90 is loaded with goodies:

  • Internal GPS offering the latest info about red light and speed camera locations based on an updatable Verilight database. You use an included USB cable to update the database periodically. This is a great idea, and it will be interesting to see whether the lights rumored to be camera-equipped in my town set the detector off. (I say “rumored” because multiple people claim they have received tickets from the lights, but there is no signage and nobody in local law enforcement has ever confirmed the presence of red light cameras at these intersections.)
  • POP mode detection will alert you to brief radar bursts other detectors might miss.
  • Selectable bands allow you to turn on or off specific bands based on your needs.
  • Traffic Flow Signal Rejection (TFSRI) helps the detector eliminate false alerts from radar-based traffic flow sensors. These used to drive my dad’s radar detectors NUTS back in the day.
  • Total laser detection promises to pick up newer laser speed detection technologies including LTI TruSpeed S, Laser Ally, and Laser Atlanta Stealth Mode.
  • Six filter modes to help reduce false alerts caused by other motorists’ radar detectors. I’ll be toying with this, as I’m pretty sure it was setting off my detector earlier today when a Hyundai pulled up behind me in traffic.
  • Real Voice alerts give verbal identification of the band detected.
  • Stay Alert, a feature that tests driver alertness on long trips.
2013 Whistler CR90 Laser Radar Detector Photo Shoot 012

Included in the Whistler CR90 Laser Radar Detector package from left are the detector itself, suction cup mounting bracket, instruction manual, USB cable, DC 12-volt power cord, and a non-slip dash pad. (Lyndon Johnson photo)

You can set priority for the various alerts, which would be handy if one particular alert type shows up in a given location every time you pass it and another shows up when your city’s PD shoots you with their radar. You could set the city PD alert to top priority so the local constabulary couldn’t park near that false positive and possibly trick you into thinking it was just another alarm caused by a store’s automatic door or what-have-you.

The detector also has a quiet mode, auto dim/dark mode, and three city modes as well as a highway mode. Finally, its power cord features a USB power port as well, so you can continue charging USB-powered devices such as your iPhone or MP3 player. That’s a good idea. But admittedly, I haven’t played with it much yet. Stay tuned.

And don’t worry, Brett, I won’t speed to test it. Much.

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