GM Shows Chevrolet Silverado Volunteer Firefighter and Black Ops Concepts

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Silverado 2013 State Fair of Texas Firefighter Black Ops Concepts

Chevrolet unveiled these Silverado concepts at the State Fair of Texas over the weekend. At left is a truck aimed at volunteer firefighters, and at right is a truck aimed at black ops agents and doomsday preppers alike. (Photos courtesy General Motors)

General Motors likes to roll out cool one-off concepts at the State Fair of Texas. Case-in-point: The concepts unveiled this weekend aimed at volunteer firefighters and black ops squadrons.

The press release from GM said the concepts were shown publicly for the first time Friday, Sept. 27.

Chevrolet developed the Silverado Z71 Volunteer Firefighterconcept truck, which honors the service of grassroots first responders, with input from the National Volunteer Fire Council. The concept vehicle features a full complement of rescue equipment incorporated on a new Silverado Double Cab equipped with the Z71 Off Road suspension.

The sinister-looking Black Ops concept is based on the Silverado Crew Cab 4×4, building on its strength, performance and safety with features designed to turn the wasteland into an oasis, including custom-fabricated lower body armor and a lockable, bed-mounted Truck Vault storage unit. It holds a solar power pack, a pair of gas masks, gloves, military First Aid Kit, folding shovel and rope.

Chevrolet Vice President of Marketing Chris Perry said, “We wanted to pay tribute to these important men and women in communities everywhere. They are the kind of hard-working Americans for whom we design and build the Silverado, making sure it delivers the capability and dependability they expect.”

A detailed release on the firefighter truck said approximately 90% of the fire departments in the United States are entirely or mostly volunteer – and 75% of all firefighters are volunteers. The National Volunteer Fire Council that gave input on the truck’s design is made up of firefighter associations from 49 states and advocates policies, standards and programs to keep those firefighters safe, according to the release.

Some of the installed accessories that make the firefighter truck unique:

  • Chevrolet Accessory six-spoke 22-inch Wheels (part number 2095180) with custom painted finish
  • Emergency roof light bar and additional light-emitting diode, or LED, perimeter lighting
  • Chevrolet Accessory four-inch chrome assist steps (part number 22805436)
  • Chevrolet Accessory chrome package: door handles (part number 22940647) and mirror caps (part number 22913965)
  • Chevrolet Accessory molded hood protector (part number 19302745)
  • Red and Silver Paint Scheme with Custom Graphics
  • Emergency siren and PA system
  • Chrome fire extinguishers and mounting hardware
  • Chevrolet Accessory gull-wing tool box (part number 19260344)
  • Custom billet aluminum front brush guard and billet aluminum bed rails
  • Axe and Halligan tool
  • CornerStep rear bumper
  • Cantilever cab-over TracRac (part number 19299113) with custom brushed aluminum finish.

In addition, the release said the front seats are re-trimmed with 3M reflective bolster material and Torch Red stitching, which complements additional chrome-plated accents throughout the cab.

Meanwhile, Chevrolet Design Manager Dave Ross said of the Black Ops Silverado, ““Luck favors the prepared and the Silverado Black Ops concept is a survival kit on four wheels. This concept truck showcases the stronger, smarter and more capable elements of the 2014 Silverado and how accessories can enhance them to suit any lifestyle.”

The Black Ops truck features custom-molded lower body armor, a generator, fuel can, water container, and a crate stocked with food, according to the detailed release. It also includes a front-mounted winch, a raised suspension for extra ground clearance, custom bed rails, and a light bridge equipped with forward- and rearward-facing light bars. Finishing exterior touches were Chevrolet Accessories bolt-on fender flares and four-inch tubular steps along the lower body side, as well as off-road tires mounted on custom-painted versions of the Z71Silverado’s stock 18-inch wheels.

Inside, the Black Ops Silverado gets custom-trimmed black seats with yellow piping and additional yellow trim throughout the cabin, the release said. And because emergency responders and doomsday preppers alike appreciate a good infotainment system, the folks at Chevrolet threw in MyLink, as well, with an eight-inch color touch screen, standard USB port, and other accessory inputs that “make it easy to upload favorite songs from a smartphone or other media source,” in the words of the release.

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