The Motorcycle Gang and the couple in the Range Rover

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Range Rover vs. Bikers

Range Rover vs. Bikers

I don’t know what it is about the perimeter of New York City that brings out the crazies, but this story has been getting a ton of media coverage in NYC.  A Wealthy couple in their last-generation black Range Rover were on a Sunday drive when they came across a gang of bikers stuntin’ and flossin’.  Supposedly he was ratting out the motorcyclists to the police on the phone and that snitching aggravated the bikers.  How the bikers were able to figure that out, I am not sure.

But it started to get ugly when one of the motorcyclists hard-braked and stopped in front of the SUV.  The SUV driver Alexian Lien felt he was in danger and gunned it.  He took out a few motorcycles and one guy’s leg.  Then the real chase ensued.  It ended with the biker smashing through the window with his helmet.  The video ends but Lien suffered a beating and was slashed.

Some advice: Technology isn’t a bad thing if you lucky to have footage of  an incident.  The infamous Russian dashboard cam is more useful than you think.  Secondly- always try and de-escalate the situation.  Especially when your kid is in the backseat.   Yield to the shoulder and enjoy the maniacs doing the show.   The New York Daily News had awesome coverage of the story as well as some videos…


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  1. Squids like this give motorcyclists everywhere a bad name. I was talking with some folks down here in Tennessee about this incident today, and the consensus down here is more motorists in NYC need to start doing the Good Ol’ Boy thing and installing gun racks in their rear window. It’s not concealed carry, so it should be legal to carry a standard shotgun, right? Load that baby up and defend yourself from these lunatics. They’ll get the message real quick when their buddy smashes your window and gets a hole the size of a basketball blown through his gut.

    I’m probably wrong about the law vis-a-vis mounting a visible gun rack in your vehicle in NYC, but man, that video made me angry just to watch. These wannabe motorcycle thugs were looking for trouble, and they found it. I hope justice is swift.

    /Rant off.

    Lyndon Johnson
    • Unfortunately Lyndon, even a shotgun isn’t permissible in NYC in the window. While traveling in NYC long rifles need to be transported in a case in a compartment not accessible to the driver (like the trunk). Pistols need to be in a LOCKED!! carrying case also in the trunk, with the ammo stored separately.
      Welcome to the Peoplez Republik of New Yourk.

      Brett Solomon