VOXX International Announces New Accessory Product Collaboration With Ford

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HAUPPAUGE, NY – VOXX International Corporation has announced the launch of a new accessory product with Ford Motor Company through a collaborative effort between Code Systems, Inc. and Ford‘s Custom Accessories Group.

Code Systems, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of VOXX, will be providing Ford Custom Accessories with a dealer-installed version of its remote start and keyless entry cell phone app and hardware. The Ford and Lincoln Access system will be available on select Ford and Lincoln vehicles.

Commenting on today’s announcement with Ford, Pat Lavelle, President and Chief Executive Officer of VOXX International stated, “Ford is just one of a few automotive manufacturers in the world to offer this kind of smartphone-based technology and the first to offer it as a dealer-installed accessory. They are widely regarded as an automotive innovator and leader, and we are pleased to continue to develop solutions that meet their needs, as well as those of their consumers. VOXX has enjoyed a long-standing relationship with Ford, having served as their vehicle security supplier for almost 25 years and their remote start supplier since 2000, and it’s our goal to continue to develop new and innovative automotive products for our OE partners, like Ford, for years to come.”

The new Ford and Lincoln Remote Access application for smartphones (iPhone or Android) can be used from any location with a Wi-Fi or cellular signal – virtually anywhere in the world. This dealer-installed Genuine Ford Accessory turns your smartphone device into a virtual key fob. Using the Remote Access application gives customers a whole new way to perform basic vehicle functions. With the Remote Access app, you can lock, unlock and even start your vehicle from across the parking lot, or across the country. You can even use the ‘Find’ feature to flash the lights and honk the horn if, perhaps, you don’t remember exactly where you parked your vehicle. The app is easy to download and the system features in-vehicle electronic components that integrate seamlessly with Ford’s CAN-based electronic architecture. “This Genuine Ford Accessory is a plug-and-play kit that is easy to install and does not require any vehicle wire cutting, hence maintaining the quality of the vehicle electrical system,” boasts Mouhanad Dahabra, a Ford Electrical Engineering Supervisor who worked on the program.

The Remote Access system, backed by a Ford Custom Accessories warranty, requires a $49.99 consumer-based service fee per year with unlimited usage. Service fee payment and user account set-up is fast, easy and secure. Once the Remote Access account is set-up, your smartphone becomes a high-tech control device for keyless entry, remote start and anti-theft functionality. For the system to work, the consumer needs to download and launch the Remote Access app and purchase dealer-installed, vehicle-specific components. The app is connected to the Remote Access module using a secure log-in process that prevents unauthorized access to the user’s vehicle.

The Remote Access app can be loaded onto several different phones, which allows the user to give other family members “Access” to their vehicle. The app is free at most application stores/markets – just search for Ford Remote Access or Lincoln Remote Access. The user can also operate several other vehicles from the same app. All vehicles must be equipped with the Remote Access module and each module must be activated by paying the $49.99 annual service fee.

Consumers can now purchase the Remote Access product directly at Ford and Lincoln Dealers, nationwide. Contact your local dealer for complete details and pricing information (including labor installation).

Remote Access application is available on the following models F-150, Super Duty, Edge, Explorer and Lincoln MKX if your vehicle is a 2011 Model Year, or newer. You can also purchase Remote Access if you drive a 2013 model year or newer Taurus, Flex, Lincoln MKS or Lincoln MKT. More vehicles are being added, so inquire at your local Ford or Lincoln Dealer for details.

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SOURCE: VOXX International Corporation


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