Wanna get your Rolls-Royce wheel on without buying a Roller?

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I always loved how the center caps in the wheels of a Rolls-Royce stay stationary but the wheels turn around them.  It is kind of the classy version of a spinning rim or Spreewell (as they used to known as).  But, unfortunately, purchasing a Rolls-Royce is a little out of the price range for most buyers.  BUT, check out this accessory.  Hopefully the quality and finish prove more Roller than Pep Boys…


The Wheels Spin But Your StatiCaps® Do Not

The patented center caps that always stay upright are now available in quantity for the U.S. and Canadian markets.

StatiCap: Wheel Accessory: Center Caps USA and Canadian Flags
Flags fly proudly upright from start to finish with StatiCap centers. Initials, logos, and other designs are available with the unique new auto accessory.

Their inventor, Mazen Salah, is seeking distributors and OEM outlets and will interview prospective agents at this year’s SEMA Show, November 5-8 in Las Vegas.  “The interest shown at the 2012 show and on our web site convinced us personalized StatiCaps® fill an accessory gap in a unique, attractive way that no other center cap can match,” Salah said in announcing his decision to distribute in North America.

Popular Flag Caps Support National Teams

While ordinary center caps and their images rotate, StatiCap®’s remain upright, stable and legible while the wheels spin. That feature has made national flags a popular cap design choice to cheer on national sports team in other countries where they are sold. Other design favorites include personalized car logos.

StatiCaps are easy to install.Special orders such as the driver’s initials and sports teams’ logos – even encrusted diamonds or crystals and precious metal plating for StatiCap®’s outer lids have been accommodated.

The caps are designed to capture ambient light in low light environments, such as tunnels. They are easy to quickly and securely install, (see accompanying illustrated installation guide).

To see how installed StatiCap®’s enhance a car’s presence and the driver’s taste and attention to appearance details, check

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