Honeywell Ramps Up Production Of New Friction Materials Plant In Romania

Sections: Car Safety, Chassis, Powertrain

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PLOIESTI, Romania – Honeywell Transportation Systems is celebrating the growing success of its newest Friction Materials manufacturing facility in Ploiesti, Romania, having just achieved the production milestone of two million brake pads. The state-of-the-art manufacturing facility is a key component of Honeywell’s commitment to transform the friction business and improve its competitive position with a high-tech global footprint while building on its investment in Romania.

The Ploiesti plant began operations in November, 2012, and is well on its way toward achieving its annual production target of more than 10 million brake pads. The brake pad manufacturing facility in Romania is Honeywell’s first in Europe dedicated to exclusively using the Hot Press manufacturing technology to increase product quality, deliver energy efficiency and decrease delivery time for its customers.

“This high-tech facility in Ploiesti is the latest expression of Honeywell’s commitment to transforming its Friction Materials business, and also to Romania as another example of a high-value, high-quality investment in the country,” said Terrence Hahn, president and CEO of Honeywell Transportation Systems. “Honeywell has enjoyed success in Romania for more than 15 years. The addition of this Friction facility to our existing turbocharger plant in Bucharest – which is our largest turbo plant in the world – is feeding the growth strategies of Honeywell Transportation Systems within the region and around the world.”

The new site in Ploiesti was designed to be more than 14,000 square meters of covered construction and will create more than 300 new jobs in the area. The plant uses new state of-the-art Hot Press machinery and processes to make original equipment brake pads for light duty passenger vehicle applications, largely for European automotive manufacturers.

Honeywell has created valuable employment opportunities for more than 2,200 people in Romania including its Transportation Systems turbo plant and operations under Honeywell’s Automation and Control Solutions strategic business group. Honeywell has made significant investments in not only manufacturing but also research and development centers, as well as engineering capabilities in Romania, making the country a key contributor and beneficiary of Honeywell’s business investments.

Honeywell has been a consistent top exporter and continues to grow its position with the new Ploiesti site. With company operations dating back 15 years, Honeywell has a record of continuous training of employees and upgrading of sites, helping grow local suppliers, and supporting macro-trends of energy efficiency, safety & security, and clean energy generation.

SOURCE: Honeywell Transportation Systems

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