Nissan LEAF Reaches Milestones in the Motherland, Elsewhere

Sections: Fuel Economy, Powertrain

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NIssan LEAF Press Photo Japan Sales

Nissan said its LEAF EV hit 30,000 cumulative sales in September, the same month the car set its single-month global sales record. (Photo courtesy Nissan)

Nissan’s LEAF electric car reached a sales milestone in the company’s homeland of Japan during the same month that the car sold at the best pace ever globally.

According to the press release from Nissan, the LEAF reached a cumulative total of 30,000 sales in Japan at the end of September, as global sales of the car hit 4,700 units for the month — the highest monthly sales total ever for the LEAF. Since its launch in December 2010, Nissan said the LEAF has sold 83,000 units worldwide. Nissan credited the car’s appeal to tech-savvy buyers, budget-conscious commuters, and torque-loving car lovers alike for the LEAF’s steadily climbing sales:

In addition to being a zero-emissions vehicle, the LEAF’s quick, linear acceleration and quiet cabin have proved a hit with daily commuters and car enthusiasts alike. The car is equipped with innovative telematics features that enable the remote operation of the car’s air conditioning and battery charging by connecting through cellular phones and personal computers have captivated technology-savvy consumers.

Recognizing what we have for some time now called the Chicken and Egg Scenario, Nissan said it is further increasing its efforts to improve EV charging infrastructure in Japan. Various companies and organizations had installed approximately 1,900 quick-chargers across the country by the end of September, according to Nissan, who noted roughly 800 of those were at Nissan dealerships. There are reportedly plans to add another 700 EV charging stations by the end of the fiscal year, with Japan’s government kicking in 100.5 billion yen to hurry things along.

In an additional marketing push in its home country, Nissan said it is putting on an extended test drive campaign where consumers can stop by any Nissan dealer for a free LEAF test drive. Meanwhile, the company’s second zero-emission EV, the e-NV200 cargo van, will launch in 2014, the release said.

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