Chevrolet Previews SEMA Performance-Oriented Small Car Concepts

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Chevrolet released a preview of its SEMA show cars, with the best of them in our opinion being small front-wheel drivers with an eye to performance.

Chevrolet Performance Sonic RS SEMA 2013 Concept Car

(Photo courtesy General Motors)

First up is the Chevrolet Performance Sonic RS concept. It gets upgrades to engine performance, suspension, and brakes in addition to appearance changes that speak to the improved driving dynamics the other changes are sure to bring about, the preview said. Highlights, as outlined by the press release:

  • A Stage Kit, cold-air induction and a high-flow exhaust system allow the 1.4L turbo engine to produce more power for a more exciting driving experience
  • The engine enhancements are complemented by a track-tuned suspension system and higher-performance brake upgrade kit, featuring Wilwood front calipers
  • The suspension kit lowers the ride height for a sportier stance
  • Chevrolet Performance 18-inch, split-five-spoke wheels complement the lowered look with aggressive style
  • Lemon Peel Yellow exterior with blue graphics; tinted headlamps and fog lamps; blue-accented window moldings and rear hatch trim
  • Additional exterior accessories, including color-tinted grille trim, headlamp rings and mirror caps are available from Chevrolet dealers and complement custom graphics and other accents that can be easily duplicated by creative owners
  • Re-trimmed seats in black leather, with Lark Yellow contrast stitching.
Ricky Carmichael All-Activity Chevrolet Sonic SEMA 2013 Concept Car

(Photo courtesy General Motors)

Next up is the Ricky Carmichael All-Activity Chevrolet Sonic concept. This one has been to SEMA before, in 2011, but makes its return this year to get engine and chassis performance upgrades in much the same vein as the Sonic RS concept, including:

  • Chevrolet Performance 1.4L Turbo Stage Kit with high-flow exhaust
  • Chevrolet Performance cold-air induction
  • Chevrolet Performance suspension kit with lowered ride height
  • Chevrolet Performance brake package with Wilwood front calipers
  • Chevrolet Performance 18-inch wheel-and-tire package featuring custom gloss black with green lip

With blue-pearlized satin black paint and custom graphics on the outside and Fox Racing boardshort material covering the seats on the inside, among other appearance changes, this Sonic is likely to be a head-turner.

Next comes the Chevrolet Personalization Sonic concept — no photo provided by GM on this one, sorry — an exercise in showing how the Sonic can be customized to meet the owner’s tastes. It will start the SEMA show week with a number of Chevrolet custom accessories including chrome door handle accents, chrome mirror caps, a Chevrolet graphics package on the exterior, factory door sill plates and all-weather floor mats, Chevrolet Accessory footwell lighting, and a Kicker 200-watt DSP amp with a 200-watt powered subwoofer. It also features Borla custom exhaust, a Chevrolet Performance suspension kit with lowered ride height, and Chevrolet Performance brakes and 18-inch wheels and tires.

Later in the week, the Personalization Sonic will have some of its exterior changed to showcase some of the ways the model can be customized with factory parts, the release said.

Chevrolet Spark EV Tech Performance SEMA 2013 Concept Car

(Photo courtesy General Motors)

The Spark EV Tech Performance concept shows some love to the Bowtie’s entry into the electric car field. The concept will, like its gasoline-powered Sonic cousins, be tuned for performance. The release said it will feature a new performance power delivery algorithm that will enhance acceleration beyond the already impressive 0-to-60 in 7.5 seconds the stock Spark EV already throws down thanks to its stock 400 ft-lbs of torque. Stronger axles are fitted to make sure the car can safely put the extra power to the ground.

Other features the release said will be seen on the Spark EV Tech Performance concept:

  • Custom exterior color and graphics, a unique backlit Chevrolet “bowtie” emblem in the grille and performance billet aluminum wheels
  • Chevrolet Accessory sill plates, floor mats and pedal covers
  • Body-color trim plates and green stitching on the shifter boot and steering wheel
  • A military-style flip-up “activation switch” on the instrument panel adds a fun, high-performance-oriented touch of style to this plug-in performer
  • Lightweight features that enhance performance

Outside the realm of small Chevies, the Bowtie Brand has three milder, and larger, cars on display:

Chevrolet Urban Cool Impala 2013 SEMA Concept Car

(Image courtesy General Motors)

  • The Chevrolet Urban Cool Impala concept gets custom-painted grille inserts, Chevrolet Accessories concept ground effects and painted-to-match 20-inch wheels, a lowered stance, and the Impala LTZ’s available Bose Centerpoint 11-speaker audio system.
Chevrolet Malibu LTZ SEMA 2013 Concept Car

(Image courtesy General Motors)

  • The Chevrolet Malibu LTZ SEMA concept gets racy ground effects, 19-inch sterling silver-finish wheels, a Borla custom exhaust system, and a cold-air induction system.
Chevrolet Personalization Cruze Diesel SEMA 2013 Concept Car

(Image courtesy General Motors)

  • Finally, the Chevrolet Personalization Cruze Diesel concept will show a 3dCarbon ground effects package, updated front fascia, and a new chin spoiler, as well as upgraded audio components by Kicker and an ambient lighting package.


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