Survey Finds Almost Ten Percent of Drivers Would Drive Naked If Others Could Not See Them

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photo courtesy of carzi

photo courtesy of carzi

Thought Terry’s survey on infotainment yesterday was interesting?  I don’t know how much we can trust the qualitative results of this one compared to a Quinnipiac poll, but this certainly is a fun survey conducted by Harris Interactive via Scout GPS.  Which led me to think- would my buns be more toasty from the heated seat elements if they were direct contact skin-to-velour if driving naked?  What about the summertime with a black interior- potential third-degree burns?

Check some of the results for yourself:

Distracted Drivers

According to the Scout GPS survey, drivers are often distracted while behind the wheel, participating in surprising – and in some cases, illegal – activities. For example, 11 percent have participated in a sexual activity while driving, with three times more men (17 percent) admitting to doing this than women (five percent). Unpredictably, younger drivers are not the worst offenders, with slightly more 35-44 year olds confessing to this (18 percent) than 18-34 year olds (17 percent), followed by 45-54 year olds (eight percent) and drivers aged 55 or older (five percent).


Some drivers also admitted to dangerous driving behaviors, such as:

·       Thirteen percent have eaten using a utensil

·       Ten percent have applied makeup or gotten ready

·       Nine percent have flirted with another driver in a different car

·       Four percent have read a book or newspaper


Of those who have used their phone to talk or text while driving, 30 percent have had a near-miss accident, compared to about one quarter (27 percent) who had a close call because they were applying makeup (i.e. getting ready), and 21 percent who narrowly escaped a fender bender because they were participating in a sexual activity. Surprisingly, shaving while driving was the most dangerous – for those surveyed who confessed to doing this, almost one-in-five (16 percent) said they have actually been in an accident while shaving.


A Week Without Traffic

Nearly half of drivers surveyed said they would give up alcohol or social media (49 and 47 percent, respectively) for one week in exchange for a week without traffic, compared to 35 percent who said they would give up caffeine. More than a quarter (27 percent) of current drivers said they would give up sex for one week in exchange for a week without traffic.

·       Those aged 21-34 (55 percent) are more likely to give up alcohol than those 55 or older (46 percent)

·       Almost twice as many drivers aged 18-34 (49 percent) said they would give up caffeine compared to those 55 or older (27 percent)

·       Women (37 percent) are almost two and a half times more likely than men (16 percent) to say they would give up sex

·       Almost one-in-five (18 percent) drivers said they would give up their smartphone


Frustrations and Guilty Pleasures

When it comes to what people find most frustrating about other drivers, tailgating leads the pack at 69 percent, followed by people on the phone (65 percent). Slow drivers in the fast lane (63 percent), littering out the car windows (62 percent) and road rage (61 percent) are close behind.


While behaviors of others can be annoying, drivers admitted that they would engage in some interesting activities in their cars if they knew people could not see them. More than half (54 percent) said they would consider singing aloud in their cars. Almost a third (30 percent) would consider picking their nose, 19 percent would think about changing clothes, 15 percent would ponder having sex and nine percent would contemplate driving naked.


For additional findings and an infographic highlighting the results visit

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