Autonet Mobile Delivers Connected Car Technology to Mazda Motorsports Race Fleet

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SAN FRANCISCO – Autonet Mobile, an internet-based telematics and applications service platform provider for the automotive transportation industry, has announced it will be deploying its wireless connected car technology to Mazda Motorsports for the 2014 race season.

Mazda Motorsports will equip its fleet with Autonet’s in-car Wi-Fi technology to gain seamless, wireless in-motion connectivity, allowing the team’s transporter drivers to connect while on the road. In order to improve driving efficiency and increase driver safety, Autonet’s Fleet Tracker mobile application will also be utilized to monitor driving habits and vehicle performance. The data provided in the application will be securely transmitted directly to Mazda’s engineering and support teams, to help with both product and research development.

“It is important for us to always closely monitor our race cars and for the fleet to be connected while on and off the track,” said John Doonan, director, Mazda Motorsports. “Autonet Mobile provides us with essential technology that will allow us to better understand efficiency in both our cars and drivers. The information provided by Autonet will be critical for advancing our very own vehicle technology moving forward.”

Autonet’s technology will allow Mazda Motorsports to:

  • Track the location of equipment and monitor stop locations and time
  • Identify drivers, jobs, assets and landmarks while cars are on the road
  • Route a qualified worker who’s closest to the job, if there is a vehicle maintenance issue
  • Provide mobile timecard functionality and review timecards
  • Receive alerts when a vehicle enters or leaves a designated area (geo-fencing)
  • Play back a history of where vehicles have been
  • Set alerts for preventative maintenance and speeding conditions

“Our technology helps partners stay connected while on the road and enhances vehicle productivity and driver performance,” explained Sterling Pratz, CEO of Autonet Mobile. “We are excited to bring our fleet management offering to Mazda Motorsports’ high-technology race cars, and look forward to seeing the results of its deployment throughout 2014.”

SOURCE: Autonet Mobile

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