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One of my favorite comparison charts is located at Edmunds that can compare the nuances of leg room and headroom of vehicles you might want to shop for.  To take that step in an even more frugal direction, has a new tool “My Trip Calculator” that can actually allow you to toggle between different vehicles in your fleet for your holiday road trip.  It is kind of fun to play the ‘take my daughter’s Honda Civic vs. fire up the GMC Acadia” game. 

More fun is to see if you owned a Tesla the savings realized.  As long as you could plug in along the way.  But alas, Tesla is not an option to choose on the pull down menu.  But, oddly, you can choose a Bugatti.

Full release below:

One of’s newest tools—“My Trip Calculator”—is an interactive trip calculator and mapping tool that can help you plan your route, pick your car, and estimate the total fuel cost for your holiday road trip:


My Trip Calculator prompts you to enter your start and destination addresses, set your city driving percentage, and select up to three cars for comparison. Based on your input, the calculator displays the EPA fuel economy estimate (“MPG”), the national average fuel price (“Fuel Price”), the amount of fuel used (“Fuel Used (gal)”), and the cost of fuel used (“Fuel Cost”) for each car.


My Trip Calculator is unique because it lets you do three things (plan your route, compare up to three cars, and estimate your total fuel cost) all in one place, with’s database of all light-duty cars and trucks sold in the United States since model year 1984. You can personalize “MPG” by entering your own fuel economy number rather than using the EPA estimate. The website updates the national average fuel price each week, or you can personalize the fuel price to what you are paying per gallon. And, because it’s based on a mapping tool, My Trip Calculator provides estimated miles and driving time for your trip, turn-by-turn driving directions, and a trip map.

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  • Lyndon Johnson

    Cool features at that site for planning a trip. For just tracking my fuel use, I’m a fan of