OnStar to Once Again Track Santa’s Progress Christmas Eve

Sections: Infotainment, Telematics

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OnStar logo with Santa hat

OnStar will allow subscribers to find out where Santa is on Christmas Eve by pressing the OnStar button in their cars and asking for a “Santa Update.” (Image courtesy General Motors.)

If you didn’t show off this neat trick last year, here’s your chance again: OnStar will be tracking Santa’s journey on Christmas Eve, and your kids can get updates.

The press release from OnStar said the Santa Seeker Service expands this year to OnStar subscribers in Mexico, in addition to the usual U.S. and Canada subscriber base. Just push the blue OnStar button anytime between 7 a.m. Tuesday, Dec. 24 and 5 a.m. Christmas Day, and OnStar will inform you — or your progeny — of Santa’s whereabouts. Just request a “Santa Update” from the representative who answers the call.

OnStar Chief Operating Officer Terry Inch said, “Our advisors really get into the holiday spirit when responding to these calls. They put on their Santa hats and elf ears and wholeheartedly take advantage of the opportunity to spread such joy to the children.”

This is all tied in with NORAD’s undoubtedly expensive (not to mention taxpayer-funded) Santa-tracking mission, according to the release.

OnStar subscriber Jocelyn Farkas, who requested a Santa update last year, according to the release, said, “The Santa Seeker Service added special magical feeling to our day. I am not sure who was more excited to go out on errands in the car – my kids or my husband. We were all giddy to find out which country Santa was in while he made his way to our home.”

Should you need OnStar for more urgent reasons, Inch said there’s no reason to worry.

“Our first priority is always the safety and security of our subscribers,” Inch said, “but we make adjustments in staff so that we are able to respond to the Santa calls as well as our day-to-day calls for assistance.”

Those without OnStar service can call NORAD direct to get a bead on his location at 1 (877) HI-NORAD, or visit NORAD’s website, Facebook page, or use the Twitter hashtag #NoradSanta, the release said.

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