AudioControl to Launch the New DQDX Sound Processor with Signal Delay at CES

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New AudioControl DQDX, it's Latest Sound Processor with Signal Delay

AudioControl to Launch the New AudioControl DQDX, it’s Latest Sound Processor with Signal Delay for the Aftermarket Car Audio System at CES International 2014

SEATTLE, WA – AudioControl has announced that it will debut its DQDX aftermarket Digital Processor with Signal Delay at CES 2014.

The DQDX sound processor is designed specifically for the ‘aftermarket’ and is the latest in AudioControl’s product line-up to include AudioControl’s Signal Delay platform that allows the user to align their listening soundstage position between the output of the left and right speakers, plus seamlessly blend in the subwoofer to the listening environment.

The introduction of AudioControl Signal Delay creates a new level of audio performance dramatically improving the in-car entertainment experience across all aftermarket audio systems and upgrades. Unlike other products on the market, AudioControl has designed its Signal-Delay platform to be able to be aligned without the need for complex, time-consuming computer set-up.

AudioControl engineers based in the U.S.A. designed the DQDX to be a ‘installer-friendly’ processor. It is equipped with a number of features that simplify the overall installation and calibration process making the DQDX one of the cleanest and simplest ways to use Signal Delay to improve aftermarket radios. As well as AudioControl Signal Delay, twenty-one discrete bands of equalization control provide users with impressive processing to accurately “tune” their audio systems. In addition, the DQDX is the latest AudioControl processor to incorporate a 24dB Linkwitz-Riley selectable crossover allowing the user to choose their exact crosover frequency between 50Hz and 500Hz. The AudioControl DQDX truly lets music enthusiasts “take back control” of their sound performance and achieve an amazing entertainment experience in their car audio systems.

Sean Reid, National Sales Manager at AudioControl commented “After the release of our hugely popular DQ-61 earlier in 2013 and talking with dealers all over the country they said that such an amazing product at this unique price point should not be limited to just the customer with OEM radios and we listened! Our new DQDX is designed specifically for the aftermarket enthusiast and can be added to any existing aftermarket car audio system achieving our goal of Making Good Sound Great”

Reid added “We are excited to showcase to dealers and enthusiasts the processing power of the DQDX at CES International 2014 at our show booth in the CES North Hall. It is clear from our dealer test feedback that like our DQ-61 the DQDX will be one of the go-to processors for the entire aftermarket car audio sector in 2014. We will have both our DQDX and DQ-61 on display as key features of our presentations at CES International 2014″.

DQDX Product Features

  • User friendly Signal Delay enhances the acoustical alignment between the left and right channels plus the front and subwoofer channels.
  • Individual equalization controls for the front, rear and subwoofer channels provide simple yet precise system tuning.
  • 6 Channel Balanced Differential Preamp Inputs.
  • 6 Channel Preamp Outputs -RCA output to amplifiers up to an 8 Volt Line Driver.
  • 24dB Linkwitz-Riley selectable crossover between 50Hz and 500Hz
  • Dash mountable control knob so you can adjust the delay for the speakers in Program mode or the Sub Level in Music mode.
  • Available in AudioControl Espresso Black or Cascade Blue
  • Discrete Input and output level controls

The DQXD will be available for shipping in February at suggested retail price of $399.99 For more information, visit

SOURCE: AudioControl

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