Connectin’ with Kenwood. Latest Multimedia Units feature mega Connectivity options.

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Kenwood 2014 head unit connectivity and Waze

Kenwood 2014 head unit connectivity and Waze

Kenwood HDMI and MHL- hooking it all up!

Kenwood HDMI and MHL- hooking it all up!

What’s better than an iPad glued to your dashboard?  Why, a head unit that can offer the Connectivity of your smartphone while remaining part of the vehicle when you leave the car.  Here is how it breaks down.  The A/V information is passed from the phone to the head unit via a HDMI/MHL cable.  Control over the phone is handled via Bluetooth.  Touch screen commands on the receiver are converted to Bluetooth and then sent to the phone.  Most importantly?  The head units control the Waze app so you know you are getting solid navigation and traffic information.  Here is more from Kenwood:

Kenwood introduced HDMI/MHL input capabilities for its 2014

DNN, DNX and DDX line of receivers at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada today,

making its products the most connected aftermarket vehicle sound, data and media systems available.

The HDMI/MHL (High-Definition Multimedia Interface and Mobile High-Definition Link) that transfers audio

and video from iPhone5/4 and Android can be found on the following Kenwood multimedia receivers:





HDMI brings a whole new level of connectivity for iPhone and Android with Kenwood receivers. Content is

controlled via a seamless Bluetooth connection using Serial Port Profile (SPP) and AppMode that

includes control of iPhone and Android apps through the receiver. Never lose the connection because the

iPhone can be charged via USB port with an iPhone Lightening to USB cable, and the universal MHL

Adapter charges via HDMI port.

The applications control is possible through the SPP Bluetooth connection that has seven basic button

commands with the following applications, DriveMate, TuneIn Radio, iHeartRadio and POI Warner and

that has full touchscreen control over SYGIC Navigation and WAZE Navigation apps.

MHL connectivity can be achieved with the following connections:

For iPhone 5

Optional HDMI Cable KCA-HD100 – MSRP $50.00

Optional Lightning to USB cable KCA-iP103 – MSRP $60.00

Apple Lightning Digital AV Adapter needed

For Android smartphone

Optional MHL – HDMI Cable KCA-MH100 – MSRP between $50.00

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  • Pete

    Where can I purchase all these additional cables & adapters for my iPhone 5

  • Tim

    You may already found them by now, but Best Buy has them.

  • Steve

    iPod and iPhone 4or 4s sucks with the garmin navigation app and any video format highly dissapointed

  • Rob

    Blackberry Z30 has a micro hdmi i use to share the screen with my tv. The specs on the phone say no MHL output. It also uses the mini usb to charge the phone. is there an adaptor to get it to work with the ddx5901HD? I am able to download the Kenwood smartphone control software as Blackberry now uses android apps as well.

  • Phil-G

    Well i have the ddx 7701 and i have a iphone 6 with all the cables and i have both apps waze ans sgyic and i cant control the nav on my kenwood screen it just shows the pic through apps or hdmi and i cant figure out how to control iheart radio eather through the kenwood only on my iphone and it is hooked up bluetooth aswell