NAIAS: Mopar Custom Shop Allows You to Customize the Mopar of Your Dreams

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Mopar Garage Display Model from Chrysler Media

A model previews the Mopar Garage and Mopar Custom Shop display at North American International Auto Show, where viewers can, among other things, use an augmented reality app on an iPad to customize a Ram 1500 pickup truck. (Image courtesy Mopar)

Mopar Custom Shop will be at North American International Auto Show with a 5,500 square foot space, where, among other things, visitors can use tablets featuring an augmented reality iPad app to get a virtual look at ways to customize a Ram 1500 truck.

The press release from Mopar said the overall goal of having such a space dedicated to Chrysler’s in-house custom parts brand is to show NAIAS attendees how they can get the custom options they want during the ordering process thanks to the addition of the Mopar Custom Shop to Mopar Garage.

Mopar President and CEO Pietro Gorlier said, “At this year’s show, we are proud to feature our new Mopar Custom Shop’s ability to give consumers the opportunity to personalize their new vehicle during the purchase process for a ‘your vehicle, your way’ experience with their Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram, Fiat dealership. This is a great addition to the Mopar Garage, which we introduced last year as a display to give consumers a look at how to customize their current vehicles with an incredible selection of aftermarket quality Mopar parts and accessories.”

The press release said Mopar adds roughly 1,500 new parts and accessories to its catalog annually, and that most Chrysler-brand vehicles launch with at least 100 custom parts and accessories available via the Mopar Garage. The addition of Mopar Custom Shop to the Mopar Garage gives Chrysler customers the ability to customize the vehicle before they take delivery — so those killer step bars or that Beats Audio system you wanted will be installed from the first day of ownership, with no need to wait until the dealer has an opening in the service bay to install them later.

Gorlier said, “Consumers may want to add electronic tracking systems, our in-vehicle wireless charging, racing stripes, bed-liners or any number of quality Mopar performance parts and accessories, and now with the Mopar Custom Shop they can have everything factory installed and ready to drive home just the way they want it.”

The Mopar Custom Shop order process offers some additional peace of mind for Chrysler-brand vehicle owners: All parts are factory-installed and as such are covered under the factory bumper-to-bumper warranty. The accessories also show up on the original Monroney label, which allows the customer to get the parts rolled into financing the vehicle. It also means the buyer has some evidence of what all those cool Mopar accessories cost if he or she becomes a seller of the same vehicle in a few years.

The Mopar Custom Shop display at NAIAS will feature examples of Mopar-customized vehicles including the Mopar ’14 Dodge Challenger, SRT Viper, Fiat 500L Thalassa, Jeep Wrangler Recon, Jeep Cherokee Trail Carver and Ram 3500 Dually CASE Work Truck, the release said.

But back to that augmented reality app that allows show attendees to customize a Ram 1500. Let’s hear more details from Mopar:

As part of the Mopar Custom Shop experience at NAIAS, visitors will have the opportunity to use one of the pre-programmed iPad tablets provided at the display to experiment with an example of a customization application.  The new mobile app example at the NAIAS uses augmented reality to display what a Ram truck would look like with added factory installed Mopar parts and accessories.

As one of most customized vehicle in Chrysler Group’s fleet, the Ram truck is the perfect first candidate for the use with the augmented reality app to demonstrate all the Mopar personalization options and combinations available.

Triggered by pointing a preprogrammed iPad tablet at a Ram brand logo displayed on the desk within the Mopar Custom Shop area, the user will then be able to follow the prompts on the screen for customization options that are digitally superimposed on the vehicle to show what the finished product would look like with the chosen modifications.

“We are excited to use this technology and see how a consumer might engage with it,” said Tricia Hecker, Director of Marketing — Mopar. “We look forward to seeing how they use this to add personalized touches to their vehicles in the future.”

And we are excited to see if Mopar will roll this app out for public consumption, featuring the full Chrysler lineup. I would probably waste entirely too many of my precious few spare moments building custom Dodge Challengers and Jeep Patriots.

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