Rockford and Blaupunkt on the water! Open the Fosgate! I mean floodgate…

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There was a time when high quality marine audio meant choosing one a handful of head units that were ‘marinized’ for marine use.  This meant they had better connectors, white faceplates, and entry-level features.  Until Rockford saw the goodness of Blaupunkt and started to distribute the wares in the United States.  Now we have an easy-to-use interface coupled with a black faceplate.  And Bluetooth!

The 2014 Blaupunkt marine line consists of the Capri 220 source unit, BT UP Bluetooth dongle upgrade, and the three-model MSx Speaker Series.

“Blaupunkt’s new marine line products are designed to precise German standards and marine specifications,” said Al Congdon, Rockford Corp Sales Director. “The new Capri220 source unit offers a variety of key features for use on the water, and coupled with the new MSx coax speaker line and BT UP Bluetooth audio streaming upgrade dongle, Blaupunkt has what you need for great sound from a variety of sources in the marine environment.”

Capri 220 source unit features include:
FM / AM Radio/ MP3 Player via USB
Rear USB for mass storage devices
1x Rear Aux (RCA)
RMS power: 4×25 W at 14.4 V
Rubber Tactile Action Control Buttons
Compatible with iBoat
Waterproof face
Waterproof level IP 66
Meets ASTM B 117 salt/fog exposure standard
Meets ASTM D 4329 UV exposure standard
MSRP: $159.99

“BT UP is a Bluetooth audio streaming upgrade dongle that allows for upgrade of a non-Bluetooth radio,” Congdon explained. “It streams music to a Blaupunkt Capri source unit, has a 12Volt power supply, a V2.0 Bluetooth specification, operates up to 10 meters, and is a compact 1.77 inches x 1.18 inches x .43 inches. And, it has an MSRP of only $49.99.”

Blaupunkt’s new MSx Series coaxial marine speaker line materials adhere to strict marine specifications. Additional specifications include:
Available in three sizes (4.0 inch/100mm, 5.4 inch/130mm, 6.5 inch/165mm)
Offered an attractive grille design
Injected PP membrane
Covered magnet
Stainless steel screws and fasteners included
4 ohm impedance
MSRP: 4.0 inch: $64.99
5.4 inch: $74.99
6.5 inch: $79.99

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