Planet Audio Introduces New Anarchy Series Of Amplifiers

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Planet Audio Anarchy Amps

Planet Audio has introduced new “Anarchy” amplifier models ranging from a 5,000-watt monoblock to a flexible 5-channel design.

OXNARD, Calif. – Planet Audio has introduced a new series of amplifier models  called “Anarchy”. They range from a 5,000-watt monoblock to a flexible 5-channel design.

The Planet Audio AC5000.1D is one ohm stable Class D Monoblock power amplifier. The unit also features switchable input sensitivity, switchable phase shift (0-180⁰), variable bass boost (0 to +18db), a variable subsonic filter (15-40Hz) and continuously variable low pass crossover.

More features include low level inputs and outputs, power and protection LED’s, heavy duty set screw style terminals and chrome plated connections, bridgeable Trimode operation, input sensitivity selector, variable bass boost (0 to + 18db), continuously variable high pass and low pass crossovers, low and high level inputs, power and protection LEDs, heavy duty set-screw style terminals, chrome plated connections, illuminated logo and remote subwoofer level controls.

The Anarchy lines includes:

AC5000.1D: Class D Monoblock, 5000W max
AC4000.1D: Class D Monoblock, 4000Wmax
AC3000.1D: Class D Monoblock, 3000Wmax

AC2500.1M: MOSFET Monoblock, 2500Wmax
AC1500.1M: MOSFET Monoblock, 1500Wmax

AC2600.2: 2-Channel Bridgeable, 2600Wmax
AC2002.2: 2-Channel Bridgeable, 2000Wmax
AC1200.2: 2-Channel Bridgeable, 1200Wmax

AC1000.2: 4-Channel Bridgeable, 1000Wmax
AC2400.4: 4-Channel Bridgeable, 2400Wmax
AC1600.4: 4-Channel Bridgeable, 1600Wmax

AC1800.5: 5-Channel, 1800Wmax

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