Improve Your Car’s Sound Without Changing Factory Equipment? Totally Possible.

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A stealthily installed Stealthbox subwoofer beneath the floor of a BMW X5's cargo area.

If you’ve ever dreamed of upgrading your car’s OEM audio without scrapping the original head unit or installing a bunch of highly noticeable speakers and subwoofers, these are great times for you. A range of products such as this stealthy subwoofer installed inconspicuously under the floor of a BMW X5’s cargo area allow you to make impressive upgrades that may be invisible to the eye– but certainly not the ear. (Photo courtesy

Ever dreamed of improving your car’s sound system without having to chuck your OEM head unit and speakers? Some plug-and-play solutions make that very possible.

Whether you’re a simpleton like me who just wants to wire in an auxiliary jack for his cheap beater of an MP3 player or an audiophile who wants superb sound without ruining the aesthetics of your car’s factory head unit and control systems, there are solutions for every need.

In my case, I’d simply go for a quick-and-dirty wired AUX input installation in my old pickup truck with something like this. For those wanting to really give their sound system a sonic makeover, however, a blog entry from the folks at Crutchfield has a few tips about plug-and-play systems that can do everything from add hidden subwoofers seamlessly to your factory system to better synchronizing the sound output of the various speakers inside your car so the music sounds clearer.

You probably never thought about how long it takes music to travel from each speaker to your ears inside the car– and to be honest, your car’s OEM probably didn’t think much about it, either– but folks in the aftermarket stereo accessories game certainly have given thought to that and a whole lot more.

Have you made stealthy improvements to your car’s factory audio system that greatly improved the sound or functionality of the system? Let us hear about your OEM system customization in the comments.

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