Cadillac giving ELR buyers free 240-volt home charging station

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2014 Cadillac ELR Plugged In press photo

Early adopters of the all-new 2014 ELR electrified luxury coupe will be offered a complementary 240-volt home charging station and installation, according to Cadillac. (Photo courtesy Cadillac)

It’s not exactly the kind of dealer incentive for which General Motors is usually known, but it sounds like a good idea to us: Cadillac ELR buyers will get a free 240-volt charging station.

The Cadillac press release said the offer will be extended to “early buyers.” It’s anyone’s guess how long the incentive will last, with wording like that.

Global Cadillac Chief Marketing Officer Uwe Ellinghaus said, “The ELR’s blend of leading technology with provocative design and fun-to-drive performance is set to bring new buyers to Cadillac and to electrification itself. Professional installation of the fastest home-charging unit is a natural way to mark the introduction of ELR to the luxury market.”

That’s right, Cadillac will not only give you the charger, they’ll set it up for you. Nice touch.

No lie: The thought of tacking on the cost of home charging station installation has crossed my mind anytime I’ve let thoughts of purchasing an EV as a daily driver cross my mind. With no garage — that’s one of those “someday” goals, you understand — installation would be awkward. But it’s the thought of spending another couple grand on what amounts to installing a single-pump electron “gas station” in my yard, and leaving it open to the elements, that turns me off even more than the limited range of EVs like the Nissan LEAF and the high purchase price (because leasing ain’t my bag, baby) of “extended-range EVs” like the Chevrolet Volt, Ford C-MAX Energi, and Cadillac ELR. If that charging station were free with purchase, convincing me to take the plug-in plunge would suddenly be a lot easier, you know?

The free home charging station comes along with a host of other benefits, the press release said, including an eight-year, 100,000-mile warranty of the ELR’s propulsion system and a four-year, 50,000-mile bumper-to-bumper warranty in addition to Cadillac’s “white glove customer care” in the form of an ELR Concierge Representative. ELR Concierge Representatives are specially trained to serve as an additional point of contact for information on battery care, home charging, service scheduling, news, and updates and are accessible at a toll-free phone number, according to the press release.

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