Maverick this is Goose- can we set up for a mid-air refuel?

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Or how about a highway refuel?  OK, we’ll settle for the technology depicted by Husky dispenser systems at the ole’ Texaco.

Husky Corporation will unveil a compact and flexible nozzle for use in Automatic Refueling System.  Husky collaborated with Stockholm, Sweden based Fuelmatics Systems AB to develop this cutting edge 3.0 technology for drive-thru fueling systems.

Drive-thru refueling involves a robot automatically filling a vehicle while the driver remains inside. Fuelmatics created the world’s first ARS system.  The Fuelmatics system reduces fueling time by 30 percent providing a faster customer experience and increasing fuel throughput for retailers at the same time.

According to Husky here’s how it works: Fuelmatics developed advanced robotics technology that readily locates a vehicle’s fuel door and opens it after a customer pulls into an ARS location. Husky engineers utilized venturi components to develop a spout that extends into the vehicle’s fuel neck through a cap-less insert, which are increasingly common in new vehicles. The ARS system refuels the vehicle to the desired tank level thanks to a vacuum-based automatic shut-off system included in the Husky design. See a video demonstration at

“This is forward-looking technology. We are pleased to work with Fuelmatics to develop the nozzle that will make automatic refueling a genuine reality,” said Husky Corporation Executive Vice President Brad Baker.

“No one likes to refuel. It’s a necessity. But our product eliminates some of the hassle. It’s faster, cleaner, more convenient, and more environmentally friendly with no vapor or spill at all,” said Sten Corfitsen, Fuelmatics founder. “The Fuelmatics system makes self-service refueling obsolete.”

The Fuelmatics system is an attractive marketing option for current high-volume fuel retailers. It also offers advantages for marketers seeking to stand out in locations where fueling stations are highly concentrated by offering a unique refueling experience, speed, and value.  But I will miss the smell on my hands from Chevron’s finest.

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