Infiniti auction site gives Infiniti dealers first dibs on off-lease Infinitis

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2014 Infiniti Q50 Grille

(Photo courtesy Infiniti)

When Infinitis go off-lease, Infiniti dealers have a new resource from which to buy them and add them to their certified pre-owned inventory: Infiniti’s 1st Choice.

The press release from Infiniti said Infiniti’s 1st Choice is an auction site that gives Infiniti retailers the first shot at purchasing off-lease late model Infiniti vehicles in a competitive bidding environment. The lower-echelon Nissan dealership, one would assume, is not invited — just as dealers of other brands wouldn’t be. That means CPO-worthy Infinitis stay in Infiniti dealer inventories, driving bargain-hunters in search of three-year-old or newer Infinitis to Infiniti dealerships rather than some other dealership.

Infiniti Financial Services (IFS) Director of Remarketing Kevin Cullum said, “Infiniti’s 1st Choice offers many advantages to our Infiniti retailers compared to your standard auto auction. It saves them time, money and provides them with the first choice of pre-owned Infiniti inventory while still protecting residual values.”

According to the release, Infiniti’s 1st Choice utilizes the Simulcast Everywhere (SE) platform developed by Manheim, a firm that provides remarketing services for vehicle manufacturers.

SE enables retailers to source Infiniti vehicles online and then bid on them through the platform without competing with non-Infiniti dealers. The vehicles will be located at dealerships and will include end-of-lease vehicles prior to being transported to a traditional auction.

Other benefits for the 205 participating Infiniti retailers is that it adds another competitive bidding channel that meets retailer’s pre-owned vehicle needs. It also minimizes transportation, auction fees and reconditioning costs and more quickly offers off-lease Infiniti vehicles to retailers.

Auctions at the site will take place four times weekly, giving dealers access to more than 400 pre-owned Infinitis located all over the United States, Infiniti said.

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